Thursday, May 20, 2010


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ArmadilloTheMovie May 12, 2010This is the official trailer for the movie "ARMADILLO".
This film premiered in Cannes on May 16 2010 in the prestigious "Semaine de la Critique".

For the first time ever you will not only see the war you will feel it.

Director: Janus Metz
Company: Fridthjof Film A/S

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SvenVonErick May 20, 2010more info:

Vince McMahon's wife Linda is running for Chris Dodd's Connecticut US Senate seat. The McMahon's are known for their WWE Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment franchise.

I, Steven G. Erickson, had campaigned hard for Rob Simmons in his races. I told him about the below. He didn't act on the below. I didn't call all those I know to vote for him, I didn't research his rival, and stayed out of it. Simmons lost to Courtney by about 20 votes. I may have gotten Simmons hundreds of votes with my efforts. I am going to ask the McMahon camp to look into the below and cases of other victims of Connecticut's rampant judicial and police misconduct.

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Richard I. Fine

This blogger hopes Attorney Richard I. Fine ends up victorious against the tyranny of judges in Los Angeles, California. Fine has been falsely imprisoned while fighting in the behalf of the general public exposing public corruption, bank fraud, and gross judicial misconduct.

I applaud Leslie Dutton for this:

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The Greatest Fraud Ever Pulled, A Kids' Story?

What do these below pictures have to do with a 3rd Grade Children's fairy story? Well, they don't, I am appealing to the reptilian part of your brain to create interest in reading what is written below.

Justice Alex Kozinski's hobby of portraying nude women as cows [post]

Justice Alex Kozinski [post]



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