Thursday, June 02, 2016

More and more viewers of this blog are from the former USSR

More and more viewers of this blog are from the former USSR. Blogger allows you to track who is viewing, and from where. Are Russians, Lithuanians, Latvians, those from Poland, who are Georgian, Estonian or who are part of the former USSR more awake than Americans?

I believe in the free market. I don't believe in the corporate international crime and bankers taking over the world and wrecking everything. I don't believe in Socialism or Communism. I don't believe in any Utopia.

Let's compare Putin to Obama.

Obama is a Satanic version of Porky Pig of Warner Brothers cartoons. 

It seems that Putin is for the family, sovereignty of his nation, even furthering self-protection and gun rights, and seems to care about his nation, his country, and his people.

Obama is some CIA slut's son. Who is to really know who the father is, or what nation Obama was actually born in. Obama took an oath to foster and protect the US Constitution. He seems to have international handlers who want him to destroy it, destroy US and world nation sovereignty, and to cause chaos worldwide. Corporations and bankers make the most money when there is all out war, strife, genocide, conflict, and the most evil that can be achieved, is achieved.

Silence signifies acceptance.

Still no response from the past, or current, Connecticut Attorney General about any of this:

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