Thursday, November 29, 2018

Take a life to appreciate time?

The above pics [found here]

All sorts of sick titles, or comments could be put with the above photos.

Some of the top ones might be:

(1) Hey Migrants, welcome to America.

(2) Avoid impaling timbers.

(3) Vlad the Impaler lives

(4) This is why you don't complain about a lover's small penis

(5) No trespassing beyond this corpse

(6) FBI de-sensitivity training site, please have your ID, ready for sign in

(7) Free Speech Zone

(8) America's new Statue of Liberty

(9) I promise that I will keep it shaved next time

(10) I promise to never express conservative views on twitter, facebook, or on youtube ever again after my mistake.


We have trademarks and copyrights for the lyrics and music for our band, "Obligatory Salute"

We love Collective Soul

Mitch's last line is fascinating

"No, you don't have a lot of time. We want you to shut up right now."

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Trump should run for a 2nd Term

When McCain/Palin ran against Obama was there any difference in what the American people would have gotten for "leadership"? Was there any difference between Romney-Care and Obamacare? When you have both candidates on both sides sold out to globalists, international corporate organized crime, and banksters, what does that say?

As much as I hate billionaires who are out to permanently wreck American sovereignty and historic identity, I like, and respect Donald J. Trump.

I like and respect Vladimir Putin's nationalism and support for the betterment of his own people. I personally don't believe there is improper collusion between the Trump and Putin Camp.

I do believe the Hillary Clinton camp is responsible for Russian collusion, and there are blatant acts of treason.

The email issues of the Clintons is minimum incompetence, and most treason, obstruction of justice, racketeering, crimes against humanity etc. If just one intelligence operative was murdered in China because of leaks, the person responsible should be punished as accessories to murder and also charged with treason. Those who have committed treason should not be the ones in the DOJ, FBI, CIA etc. out to prosecute anyone they can in the Trump Camp.

We the People need Donald J. Trump to continue to rattle the cages of the Deep State, globalists, and Dema Commie Rats.

stevengerickson at yahoo dot com (I am into email only once or twice a month FYI)

My issues with the Deep State and the bleepholes in the international police union and UN?:


[click here] for:

Deport the UN

If the UN is using outside the US money, or US taxpayer money, to bring about harm of average Americans in America, to American Sovereignty, or to US economy, it is an Act of War.

How is almost the unfettered influx of aliens into EU countries working out? Rape, robbery, murder and other crimes are off the charts in the areas with the most migrants. Are EU country residents getting any representation for their taxation? The UN wants the same abuse to occur in the US.

The UN is funding mass migration into the US to destroy the unique flavor of the US.

The UN needs to be deported out of the US.



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