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US State Sponsored Terrorism?

I believe US States and the Federal Government are the real terrorists paying insiders 6 figure salaries to abuse us using tax dollars. My story and my opinion on what to do about the debt ceiling [click here]

Minneapolis Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison weighs in about Muslims in America. Are CIA, DHS, FBI, and TSA more real suspects to look into for domestic terrorism than any of Somali origin?

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July 27, 2011 CURRENT TV Keith Olbermann

"Congressman Peter King Is An Asshole" Keith Olbermann

[click here] for information on the FBI sponsored criminal conspiracy paid for with tax dollars involving White Supremest radio host Hal Turner

Was the FBI responsible for using taxpayer dollars to help blow up and bomb the World Trade Center in 1993?

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Listening in on the Enemy, The Pentagon



Homeland Security Fusion Centers, Information, and State Locations:


Astronaut Lisa Nowak and Adult Diapers

My take is that she had the adult diapers to use on the man that she was stalking, and possibly planned to kidnap. Should this criminal receive a pension paid for with tax dollars? More taxpayer abuse, a post [click here].

[photo source]

Ex-astronaut Lisa Nowak forced out of Navy

ORLANDO, Florida (AP) — A former astronaut banished from NASA after she confronted a romantic rival in a bizarre episode is being expelled from the Navy, officials said Thursday.

Capt. Lisa Nowak will retire with an "other than honorable" discharge and her pay grade will be knocked down one rank, Assistant Secretary of Navy Juan Garcia said in a statement.

Nowak's conduct "fell well short" of what is expected of Navy officers and she "demonstrated a complete disregard for the well-being of a fellow service member," Garcia said.

Nowak was accused of confronting Colleen Shipman in the parking lot of the Orlando International Airport in February 2007 after driving from Houston.

Nowak had diapers in the car, but Nowak disputed that she wore the diapers. Shipman, an Air Force captain, had begun dating Nowak's love interest, former space shuttle pilot Bill Oefelein.

Police say Nowak sprayed pepper spray into Shipman's car. Nowak's attorney says the pepper spray never reached Shipman.

The Police State is rising

previous videos [embedded here]

Police are taking over town halls, ejecting elected officials, threatening to arrest anyone who complains. Check out link above, and watch videos. Police can arbitrarily confiscate your guns, and can declare Martial Law, and higher ups in State and Federal Government seem to be silent. How much will you take before you, the reader say something? When will you have to defend your own life, or go to camp?

Madness of The Ruling Class - Alex Jones Tv 1/2

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Alex breaks down the mindset of the ruling class and how dangerous the Elite of the world are towards their countries population via the police state forces they have on the payroll.

Madness of The Ruling Class - Alex Jones Tv 2/2

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Osamacide [Video]

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Uploaded by on May 18, 2011 RapNews: episode 8. It's the end of an era. The decade which opened with a ferocious attack in the United States of America, closes with the announcement of the death of its greatest and most conveniently disney-like villain, Usama Bin Laden. In a decade which has been dominated by the Empire Strikes Back, our affable and dextrous host Robert Foster invites us to scrutinise the events shrouding the killing of this twentyfirst-century Goldstein. Joining him in this May retrospective are Rap News regulars, General Baxter, the Pentagon's most effusive spokesperson, attempting uncharacteristically to stay 'on message', and his counterpart from the world of alternative academia, the conspiracy industry's favourite son, Terrence Moonseed. What actually happened in Abbotabad? Do the public have a right to see evidence of this event? What is Terrence wearing on his head? Was justice really served? What next? History is happening.

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Bradlee Dean's Fight Against MSNBC & Rachel Maddow for Defamation

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The NFL and 9/11

The statue of the assassinated Pat Tillman outside University of Phoenix Stadium is a symbol of the merging of the myth of 9/11, glorification of war and the NFL.

Of course there will be an NFL season. There was never any doubt that the big diversion of sport would not go on. Especially since the season will begin on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. There would have been government intervention, perhaps at gunpoint, to make sure the season started on time. The opportunity to reinforce the official story of 9/11 to millions of people through tributes, flyovers and moments of silence could not slip away.

The NFL official website has the story down pat, no deviations from the lies and God forbid if a player has any questions about the event. He will be monetarily punished and ostracized. [More from Source, The Kenny's Sideshow blog]

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Bullet Catchers/Bomb Absorbers needed for Corporate Bankster Military

I received the below from "anonymous" by email and re-posted it, in its entirety, cut and pasted, out of my email. stevengerickson AT yahoo Dot Com


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Amazing Militia and Freedom subjects on Phil Donahue, 1994

I, Steven G. Erickson, met and talked with Phil Donahue, [video here], scroll down. I agree with Phil on Free Speech and other issues. I disagree with him on the Militia, and gun issue. It is amazing how what these people feared in 1994 is coming true today.

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ARE YOUR NEIGHBORS PREPARING TO FIGHT OUR GOVERNMENT? quote from 'On December 27th Phil Donahue weighed in with his contribution. He railed at and ridiculed the militia representatives (from Michigan, Ohio, and Montana) who were his "guests," cut them off (in typical Donahue fashion) when they tried to answer his questions, and rolled his eyes and shook his head at their responses. "I still don't know what the hell you're doing in these funny outfits here," he mocked, referring to the militia uniforms (in which producers had asked them to appear). "What are you concerned about, gentlemen? What's going to happen? You think that the Feds are coming, they're going to suspend the Constitution, they're going to take your guns away. And you're practicing and when they come you're going to POP them .... Our government wants to disarm citizens, create a one-world government -- C'MON!"'

Phil Donahue Show regarding the Militia 1994 Part 1

Phil Donahue Show regarding the Militia 1994 Part 2

Phil Donahue Show regarding the Militia 1994 Part 3

Phil Donahue Show regarding the Militia 1994 Part 4

Phil Donahue Show regarding the Militia 1994 Finale

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Proposed Tent City Protest in front of New York Federal Reserve

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This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, look at the Cindy Sherman of monkeys sparking a revolution, the problem with #occupywallstreet and the truth about $500 silver if you want it. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Sandeep Jaitly about Austrian economics, Dr. Bernanke's view on gold and whether or not the dollar or the euro will kick the bucket first.

KR on FB:

Keiser Report: Ideas for Revolution (E166)


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Homeless Camp, Keene NH

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Uploaded by on Dec 13, 2009

There is a homeless camp in Keene, New Hampshire called "In-tent-city". I saw only one tent, but there is a shelter made out of trees sawed with chainsaws, donated wafer board plywood, scrap aluminum, and other materials. These people have nowhere to go as the homeless shelters are full.

There is insulation used, there is some wiring, a generator used for a couple hours a day, two wood stoves, and mattresses across a dirt floor.

The city is trying to evict them, and the camp made the front page of the local newspaper. A politician owns the land and commercial building used by Hannaford's Supermarket.

The building inspector, health inspector, and other authorities want the homeless people out of the heated shelter and into tents where these people could freeze, get wet, lose fingers, toes, endanger their lives, and/or actually die.

The crooks pulling the puppet strings of our US leaders have ripped the average people off to a point of their having to live in the woods. I call these camps in the US, "Obie Homeless Camps" after Barack Obama.

This is why there are no checks and balances in the US and this is why the dollar is going to completely fail:


Public Transportation, America is behind

Access to public transportation is much greater in other industrialized nations. America is far behind and will make her much less competitive in the future. America will crash as an economic power if something isn't done.

Tire and car companies would buy up trolley, bus, and train lines to dismantle them and close them so Americans would buy more cars, gas, and tires, making corporate banksters richer and more powerful. Denying inner city residents, who are mostly Black, or another minority race, access to transportation, limited their ability to get into White suburban neighborhoods, better housing, and to better employment. America's Apartheid is easily seen.

The video below is of a bullet train wreck in China. You are still safer on a train in most of the world, than driving a car.

Video of crashed China bullet trains after collision kills 35

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Rescue workers began a clear-up operation on Sunday in Hangzhou, eastern China, a day after two high-speed trains collided, killing at least 35 people and injuring 191 others, state media reported. On Saturday, the bullet train crashed into another high-speed train that had stalled after being struck by lightning, causing four carriages to fall off a viaduct. It was the first derailment on China's high-speed rail network since the country launched bullet trains in 2007 with a top speed of 155 miles (250 kilometres) per hour.

RT on Twitter:
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This video blogger would love to be a correspondent for Russia Today and/or RT America. I'm based in the Boston, New York City, Washington DC area, have a passport and am willing to travel.

-stevengerickson AT yahoo Dot Com

Proposed "Green" Public Transportation in the US, and the world from an entrepeneur based in Fairfield County, Connecticut:


Text with video:

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Sky Train Corp of Palm Harbor displays first APM Model

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The "Flipping Off Big Brother" Movement

Megan Fox Transformers 2

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Andrew Bacevich on America's path to permanent war

The below was re-posted [from here]

The seemingly bitter struggle between Republicans and Democrats is just political theater concealing a long-standing, bi-partisan determination to spend the nation into oblivion, with the self-serving and counter-productive excuse that national security demands it. That's the belief of Andrew Bacevich, a career U.S. Army officer and West Point graduate who is now a professor of history and international relations at Boston University.

In his most recent book, Washington Rules, Bacevich identifies the underlying and unquestioned credo of American foreign policy for the last 60 years, that it is the responsibility of United States to lead, save, and transform the rest of the world. The U.S. pursues this policy through a global military presence, global power projection, and global interventionism, all in the name of peace, but oblivious to the negative consequences.

The three major components of this post-World War II policy are the Central Intelligence Agency, which engages in covert state terrorism against perceived enemies, the Strategic Command (formerly the Strategic Air Command), which promises assured nuclear destruction of any belligerent of the U.S., and the flexible response tactic of the U.S. military permitting the U.S. to engage its enemies in ways between the covert and the nuclear, now led by an unrepresentative warrior class divorced from the society it serves.

Since the creation of those agencies and tactics, the U.S. has been on a constant de facto war footing, what Bacevich calls "semi-war", ready to act and intervene immediately.

The U.S. spends more on its military and national security than all the rest of the nations of the world combined, largely unquestioned and in secret, except when things go terribly wrong, as they regularly seem to do. Bacevich cites a long litany of self-inflicted but expensive wounds from Vietnam (see U.S.-backed assassination of President Diem), to Iran (see C.I.A.-instigated removal of Prime Minister Mossadegh), to Cuba (see Bay of Pigs invasion), to 9/11 (see U.S. funding of jihadists).

The U.S. regularly wields its military power in pursuit of short-term objectives without consideration of long-term consequences. The actual defense of Americans is not even considered in pursuing objectives that end up killing and costing Americans. See Iraq.

American politics requires that things be kept simple. We are the good guys. The enemy is evil. We are the essential nation. Our military is, as the current Navy TV commercials claim, "a global force for good." In reality, the U.S. Department of Defense has become a misnomer. It's mission is no longer defense. It's global power projection and intervention.

Civilian casualties are justified as collateral damage in pursuit of larger and more important U.S. objectives. When then Secretary of State Madeleine Albright was confronted with the statement that the U.S.-enforced embargo of Iraq after Operation Desert Storm resulted in the death of half a million Iraqi children, she replied, "It's a hard choice, but I think, we think, it's worth it." So it goes. Our cultural blindness makes us unable to see things as non-Americans do.

Since the failure of the expensive high-speed, high technology tactics we tried in Iraq and Afghanistan, we have now reverted to the expensive counter-terrorism tactics used by liberal Democrats in Vietnam in an effort, as in Vietnam, to avoid defeat. We are engaged in social work with guns. We have overcome our fear of protracted war and embraced endless war. Fixing Helmond province in Afghanistan is now more important than fixing Detroit or Cleveland. Fixing the world is more important than fixing America.

In an earlier America, U.S. policy was aimed at providing an example for the world to follow, not to impose our will on the world. Americans were once suspicious of an expensive standing army. Now our all-volunteer force, supplemented by mercenaries, and funded with borrowed money, is the ideal tool for our semi-warriors, and consistent with current American values. There's no obligation on Americans either to serve in the military or cover its expenses.

While wishing for peace and prosperity, we propagate endless war and insolvency, with a shipwreck ahead. Unless Americans realize they've been had, the bi-partisan consensus for global domination continues. Ignoring the danger makes us complicit in the destruction of the America we claim to believe in.

Read Bacevich's passionate but thoughtful book, and compare his history of the American empire with the histories of the Roman and British empires, which also called for military intervention anywhere in the world that imperial interests could be threatened, in the name of some greater, universal good.

One consequence of the bi-partisan agreement on maintaining global U.S. domination is that critics of such a goal, however thoughtful, are dismissed as cranks. See Dennis Kucinich.

As we enter the 2012 election cycle, there's only one candidate for president who agrees with Bacevich that we are spending way too much on the military and national security, need to reject global domination and pre-emptive war, and that the primary duty station for the U.S. military is in the United States, not overseas. That candidate is not Barack Obama. See Libya. That candidate is Ron Paul.

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The "Flipping Off Big Brother" Movement

click above link for video, scroll down in post

Megan Fox image [found here], click image to make bigger

More, and more, Americans are waking up seeing that they are under armed occupation. All internet, phone calls, movement, medical, legal, and financial activities are monitored. The abuse is obvious to those who just look up and have an open mind.

There is a war on for your mind.

Those who are sick of paying for their own abuse with tax dollars have been starting to give the puppeteers of the US Government, "The Bird", whenever they see a traffic light surveillance camera, or any one they see in passing. Corporate restaurants and bars have them, your every move can be tracked. Giving the surveillance cameras the finger tells others you are upset with the current state of affairs.

The Pentagon funds and controls the scripts of many of the block busters showing military hardware. Corporations and bankers are pro war, military, and police state and want you, the taxpayer, to fund the abuse and their lavish lifestyles. Your silence signifies your acceptance. So, do you wish to be silent?

Megan Fox is shown torturing, kidnapping, and confining a human-like robot in the 2nd installment of the Transformers movies. Children are being shown that torture, kidnapping, and killing is sexy. Fighting for the global corporate bankster empire in the US military is heroic.

Those of us in the independent movie and documentary trenches, want to offer you alternatives to the mind bending government propaganda that the CIA, banksters, and corporate organized crime want you to see.

-stevengerickson AT yahoo Dot Com


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[click here] for the Kenny's Side Show post below, excerpt:

Deadly Trance

Image from one of the alleged Norwegian bomber/shooter Anders Behring Breivik's favorite videos from his alleged Facebook page where he allegedly talked to himself about his love of 'trance' tunes.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Unfair Competition in Telecommunications

July 20, 2010


Contact: Dave Saldana, 202-265-1490 x 32

House and Senate leaders question AT&T Takeover

Free Press agrees deal will harm consumers and kill jobs

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Herb Kohl (D-Wisc.), chairman of the Senate Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee, today submitted a letter urging Attorney General Eric Holder and Federal Communications Commission Chair Julius Genachowski to reject AT&T’s proposed takeover of T-Mobile. Kohl wrote that he had “concluded that the acquisition, if permitted to proceed, would likely cause substantial harm to competition and consumers, would be contrary to antitrust law and not in the public interest, and therefore should be blocked by your agencies.”

Kohl’s letter joins a growing chorus of opposition to the proposed merger. Today Reps. Ed Markey (D-Mass.), Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) and John Conyers (D-Mich.) also submitted a letter stating that they believed AT&T's acquisition of T-Mobile "would be a troubling backward step in federal public policy - a retrenchment from nearly two decades of promoting competition and open markets to acceptance of a duopoly in the wireless marketplace."

In light of these developments, Free Press Research Director Derek Turner made the following statement:

"Senator Kohl's letter and recent statements from other leading members of Congress, including Reps. Markey, Eshoo, Conyers and Inslee, indicate that opposition to this unprecedented consolidation is growing. And it will only continue to grow as policymakers and the public learn how the facts contradict AT&T's pro-merger propaganda.

“The undeniable truth is that this merger would be a disaster for American consumers, competition and innovation. AT&T doesn't need to acquire T-Mobile to serve rural America or improve the quality of its service—it just needs to reinvest some of its enormous profits in improving and expanding its infrastructure. And as these members of Congress point out, this merger would kill competition in the wireless market, leading to higher prices for all wireless users, reduced investment and higher unemployment.

“We are pleased that leading voices in Congress are speaking out, and we hope others recognize what AT&T is really trying to do here: asking the government for handout instead of competing fairly in the free market. But in the end, politics shouldn't matter—if the Justice Department and FCC take an objective look at the evidence, they will have no choice but to reject this takeover outright.”


Free Press is a national, nonpartisan organization working to reform the media. Free Press does not support or oppose any candidate for public office. Through education, organizing and advocacy, we promote diverse and independent media ownership, strong public media, and universal access to communications. Learn more at

If you would rather not receive future communications from Free Press, let us know by clicking here.
Free Press, 40 Main Street Suite 301, Florence, MA 01062 United States

Whistleblower Dead: The latest on the Murdoch scandal

Text with below video:

Uploaded by on Jul 19, 2011

The whistleblower who exposed the News Of The World phone-hacking scandal, has been found dead. Sean Hoare was a journalist at the shamed newspaper and claimed Editors knew what was happening, and encouraged reporters to do it. He was found dead at his home near London. Police are treating it as unexplained, but not suspicious. Hoare directly named his former Editor, Andy Coulson, for knowing about illegal hacking, which he denies. RT talks to James Corbett, independent news website editor.


* * * *

In/Dependence Day: Foreign Intervention Behind Creation of South Sudan

Text, transcript, links:

Uploaded by on Jul 17, 2011


The world welcomed a new nation to the international community last week as South Sudan officially became its own country. Obtaining independence from Sudan on July 9th, the Republic of South Sudan became the 193rd member state of the United Nations in a general assembly vote earlier this week and Africa's first new country since Eritrea became an independent state in 1993.

So far, coverage of the story in the western establishment media has unproblematically portrayed the creation of South Sudan as the hard-won fruit of a valiant and spontaneous liberation movement among the southern, mainly Christian and animist population,who have been engaged in a decades-long struggle against the mostly Arab north, where embattled President Omar al-Bashir has been broadly criticized for his rule. He was indicted last year by the International Criminal Court for genocide in the Darfur region.

However, critics and independent journalists note that Sudan has long been the victim of outside interference by western powers with financial interests in the vast resource wealth of the region. They allege that mainstream western press about South Sudan has gone out of its way to find human interest angles in the story that are conspicuously free of historical context or geopolitical analysis...


Welcome. This is James Corbett of The Corbett Report with your Sunday Update from The Centre for Research on Globalization at for this 17th day of July, 2011. And now for the real news.

The world welcomed a new nation to the international community last week as South Sudan officially became its own country. Obtaining independence from Sudan on July 9th, the Republic of South Sudan became the 193rd member state of the United Nations in a general assembly vote earlier this week and Africa’s first new country since Eritrea became an independent state in 1993.

So far, coverage of the story in the western establishment media has unproblematically portrayed the creation of South Sudan as the hard-won fruit of a valiant and spontaneous liberation movement among the southern, mainly Christian and animist population,who have been engaged in a decades-long struggle against the mostly Arab north, where embattled President Omar al-Bashir has been broadly criticized for his rule. He was indicted last year by the International Criminal Court for genocide in the Darfur region.

However, critics and independent journalists note that Sudan has long been the victim of outside interference by western powers with financial interests in the vast resource wealth of the region. They allege that mainstream western press about South Sudan has gone out of its way to find human interest angles in the story that are conspicuously free of historical context or geopolitical analysis.

Britain’s Telegraph newspaper ran a story on Tuesday noting that “South Sudan will be able to take part in the London 2012 Olympics but face a race against time to do so under their own flag.”

The Daily Star out of Lebanon ran an entire article devoted to how a wildlife preserve hopes to attract more tourists now that the south is its own country.

The Washington Post posted a feature story about Chicago Bulls forward Luol Deng traveling to South Sudan to host the country’s first post-independence basketball clinic.

The New York Times ran a lengthy report about South Sudan’s independence celebrations, providing great detail about the festivities, the personal experiences of random Sudanese, and a lengthy list of the foreign dignitaries in attendance. But, as independent journalist Russ Baker notes in an essay criticizing such reporting, the Times does not even mention the question of South Sudan’s primary resource until the 24th paragraph of their article, when they note:

“Negotiators have yet to agree on a formula to split the revenue from the south’s oilfields, which have kept the economies of both southern and northern Sudan afloat.”

The effect of these reports are to downplay one of the central questions behind the decades-long strife in the region, and obscure what many are alleging is a history of western interventionism in the name of the region’s strategic, mineral and economic interests.

Only ever mentioned as a backdrop to the hostilities that have been the hallmark of the Sudan in recent years, oil accounts for between 70% and 90% of the region’s exports. Sudan is the third largest oil producer in sub-Saharan Africa, and according to a 2008 BP Statistical Energy Survey, it had proven oil reserves of over 6.6 billion barrels at the end of 2007. Now, as much as 85% of those reserves are believed to lie in the newly-created Republic of South Sudan, reserves whose fate are now in question as the region’s treaties and agreements are rewritten by a new government.

Throughout the 1990s, China has invested massively in the region’s oil deposits, including the construction of a 1000 kilometer long pipeline to pump Sudanese oil to Chinese ships anchored in the Red Sea. By the time of separation, China had become Sudan’s largest trading partner, buying 40% of Sudan’s oil.

But with the creation of the new government in the South, that looks set to change. The South Sudanese central bank has been formally cleared from the US sanctions that prevent American businesses from dealing with the Sudanese central bank. Just this week, the new South Sudanese government announced that they have launched a joint venture with Glencore, the world’s laragest commodities training company, to develop the country’s vast oil wealth.

As long-time observers of the region are now noting, these latest moves belie the fact that all of the western attention on this region over the past decades, including economic, financial, military and even humanitarian interest in Darfur, have been tied to the vast potential wealth of the country, and the creation of a new, Western friendly government was the geopolitical endgame all along.

To learn more about the story behind the story of the creation of South Sudan, The Corbett Report talked last week to Keith Harmon Snow, a writer, photographer, humanitarian campaigner and award-winning journalist who has been writing about western interventionism in Sudan for several years.


Allegations that foreign interest in the Sudan was geared toward the establishment of a western-friendly government in the region appear to be vindicated by developments since the creation of the new state.

During independence celebrations, South Sudanese revellers were seen to be carrying Israeli flags, a reflection of Israel’s active support for the South in opposition to the Arab government in Khartoum throughout the period of civil strife. Now, Israel has officially recognized the government of South Sudan in its capital, Juba, and Juba has reciprocated by saying it wants to help Israel in forging a middle east peace deal.

The South Sudan government also launched its own currency this week, the South Sudanese pound, which was printed in Germany and flown into the country yesterday. As a testament to the willignness of the South Sudanese to subject themselves to the economic subjugation of the western-led international financial order, the government in Juba applied for IMF membership back in April, before it had even officially gained independence from Sudan, a country with which the IMF has historically had a rocky relationship.

Now, as tensions flare up once again between Sudan and South Sudan over control of disputed, oil-rich areas of the region which are still in a territorial grey zone, and as UN peacekeeping forces flood into the region to ostensibly make sure those tensions do not fly out of control, look for the establishment media to continue to provide contextless, fact-free reporting on issues of no significance whatsoever and to unwaveringly side with the western-friendly South over the Chinese-friendly North in every dispute over resources.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Armed Revenue Collection, not LAW ENFORCEMENT

Text with below video:

Uploaded by on Jul 7, 2011

New York videographer Jimmy Justice also talks with Alex about his latest exploits revealing New York law enforcement breaking the law. Alex also takes your calls.

Jimmy Justice: New York Cops Think They're Above The Law!! 1/2

Jimmy Justice: New York Cops Think They're Above The Law!! 2/2

* * * *
* * * * be

This blogger has complained about Connecticut State Police misconduct and brutality. If you are a contractor, self-employed, and/or an investment property owner not affiliated with the police, the government, and/or organized crime, you can be put under surveillance to set you up for false arrests and prison. [story]


The Homeland Security Corporate Bankster Cartels don't want you growing food

Text with below video:

Uploaded by on Aug 26, 2010

RT America has been discussing obesity in America and the effects of the mass consumption of genetically altered food. What are the risks and what can be done about it? George Hemminger says that as many people are feeling the economic downturn hit them, they are growing their own food. However, the government might try to take that choice away from the people as well by passing a bill that would make it illegal to clean and store seeds.

Local farms could be illegal

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Unmanned Aerial Spying and "The Cloud" Internet Surveillance

Monday, July 04, 2011

Philosophy of Freedom: The Declaration of Independence

James Corbett Report Podcast # 193, scroll down for youtube video upload

Image stolen from [this blog post]

Text with below video:

In June of 1776, Thomas Jefferson drafted one of the most important political documents in the history of the world. The Declaration of Independence was a breathtakingly revolutionary document for its time, but what does it tell us about our situation today? If we are faced by a train of abuses and usurpations, will we respond in kind? Would we sign the declaration ourselves?

For listeners with limited bandwidth, you can download a small, low-quality version of this episode here.

Documentation – Truthseeker App
Time Reference: 03:50
Description: Stream The Corbett Report and other alternative podcasts to your iPhone.
Link To:
Documentation – The Declaration of Independence (audio)
Time Reference: 04:46
Description: Download the audio of this reading of the Declaration of Independence or read it online.
Link To: Lit2Go
Documentation – Continental Congress 09
Time Reference: 18:02
Description: The home page of the Continental Congress 2009.
Link To:
Documentation – Michael Badnarik on the Declaration of Independence
Time Reference: 19:56
Description: From the Continental Congress 2009.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Colin Powell on the meaning of the declaration
Time Reference: 31:06
Description: Believe it or not, he’s not wrong.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – 9/11 Synthetic Terror
Time Reference: 32:47
Description: A very interesting book on 9/11 from Webster Tarpley.
Link To: Amazon
Documentation – Constitution Party branded extremist organization by government and NGOs
Time Reference: 37:22
Description: They have attempted to deny our freedoms of political association, or even the right to rally around the founding documents of the nation.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Australian Government to spy on all internet users
Time Reference: 39:08
Description: They have attempted to deny us our right to freely and privately communicate with others, even when not accused of any crime.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Illegal search at the Toronto G20
Time Reference: 39:43
Description: They have denied us our right to freedom from unreasonable searches and seizure.
Link To:

Documentation – New EU president confirms New World Order desire
Time Reference: 40:41
Description: They have attempted to constitute novel and non-representative forms of government to rule over the people without the consent of those they would presume to rule.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Bob Brown calls for world government
Time Reference: 41:23
Description: They openly conspire with foreign governments to subsume our rightful sovereignty without our consent.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Obama denies he needs authority to make war in Libya
Time Reference: 42:40
Description: They have made war without the people’s representatives’ consent, in direct violation of the law of the land.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Obama claims right to prolonged detention
Time Reference: 44:24
Description: They have deprived us of the right to trial and the right to face our accusers in a court of law.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – TSA Makes 95 Year Old Woman Cancer Patient In Wheelchair Remove Diaper
Time Reference: 45:43
Description: They have deprived us of security in our persons.
Link To: YouTube

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