Sunday, July 24, 2011

Public Transportation, America is behind

Access to public transportation is much greater in other industrialized nations. America is far behind and will make her much less competitive in the future. America will crash as an economic power if something isn't done.

Tire and car companies would buy up trolley, bus, and train lines to dismantle them and close them so Americans would buy more cars, gas, and tires, making corporate banksters richer and more powerful. Denying inner city residents, who are mostly Black, or another minority race, access to transportation, limited their ability to get into White suburban neighborhoods, better housing, and to better employment. America's Apartheid is easily seen.

The video below is of a bullet train wreck in China. You are still safer on a train in most of the world, than driving a car.

Video of crashed China bullet trains after collision kills 35

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Rescue workers began a clear-up operation on Sunday in Hangzhou, eastern China, a day after two high-speed trains collided, killing at least 35 people and injuring 191 others, state media reported. On Saturday, the bullet train crashed into another high-speed train that had stalled after being struck by lightning, causing four carriages to fall off a viaduct. It was the first derailment on China's high-speed rail network since the country launched bullet trains in 2007 with a top speed of 155 miles (250 kilometres) per hour.

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This video blogger would love to be a correspondent for Russia Today and/or RT America. I'm based in the Boston, New York City, Washington DC area, have a passport and am willing to travel.

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Proposed "Green" Public Transportation in the US, and the world from an entrepeneur based in Fairfield County, Connecticut:


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Sky Train Corp of Palm Harbor displays first APM Model

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