Sunday, August 25, 2013

International Bankers turn their guns on Americans?

If Dow Chemical and Monsanto can put citizens on lists for the NSA, CIA, FBI, and Military Intelligence to fry their computers and put them under surveillance what does that say? Should citizens be targets of corporate goons to be terrorized, beaten, indefinitely detained, tortured, and even murdered? Does Army Intelligence work for foreign interests? Well, if so that is occupation by a foreign power where our own infrastructure is being used against us?

OWS, Occupy Wall St, was about victims complaining about being ripped off by foreign criminals. New York City Police, the FBI, CIA, and NSA were out to target citizens in behalf of their customers, corporate organized crime and bankers. Are Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, Julian Assange and other whistleblowers the New Revolution Patriots?

Should dangerous vaccines and other chemicals be put in our food supply without us knowing? Aspartame gives some people seizures, violent allergic attacks, nerve damage, memory loss, and even kills people. The FDA seeks to add aspartame to mild in behalf of Corporate Dairy. The FDA seeks to have the new definition of milk to contain aspartame so that milk does not need to be labeled when it contains aspartame.

Is international corporate organized crime and bankers supplying US police with tanks and other military people to take on the US population after bankers loot all bank accounts, retirement, investments, and all electronic value held by Americans? Well, the RT America's host of "The Truth Seeker" asks these questions. [click here for Truth Seeker video]

I ask all US elected officials, [text here]

Proof of an occupation is the rigged courts and a DHS and TSA protecting foreign occupiers, not us.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It is not illegal to have a camera in public. Tell the LAPD

Text with below video:

On June 2, 2013 after photographing two LAPD officers from a public
sidewalk and approximately 90-100 ft. away, Shawn Nee was arrested. The
officers claimed he interfered with their police investigation. Shawn
was transported to the Hollywood police station, handcuffed to a bench,
and brought to an interrogation room for questioning. Despite their
claims of interference, Shawn was eventually released without charge.
Shawn did not receive any kind of citation either.

Keywords: Los Angeles Police Department brutality misconduct California riot free speech 1st First Amendment rights civil disobedience protest abuse public information hollywood division captain bea girmala officer foster palmer Sgt sergeant vidal detective mossi #34657 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mother's Beach, Kennebunkport, Maine

Mother's Beach, Kennebunk, Maine USA. More, and more beaches and vacations are for the rich only. There is only parking for residents, and it is expensive to get a season's pass. Public transportation to the beach was cheap. Put you can come and go only where the buses go.

Not too far from this beach just south of New Hampshire into Massachusetts, there used to be an amusement park, small cabins, and a boardwalk for average people. Eminent Domain was used to eliminate history to then build exclusive condominiums for the rich and then average people were then banned from that beach area. Eminent Domain best explained in [this video]

Whenever the Bush family does anything, parts of Maine around this beach can be shut down. Agents carrying machine guns, even out on rubber boats are then everywhere, and even in the sky. If George H. W. Bush was one of the CIA agents who either whacked, or helped whack, John F. Kennedy, the Bush's sure get a lot of taxpayer paid protection.

With the UN and Agenda 21, and with the US borders being erased, maybe the public will be banned from national parks, national monuments, and beaches.

Republican Sluts and Democrat Whores?

The former US Attorney General John Ashcroft is now a top paid lobbyist,with a whole lobbyist firm. He and other official criminals are for sale for gold bullion and wads of stacked cash. The former head of FEMA makes millions for international corporations. It is all a game. It is a big rip off. When sluts debate whores, does it really matter what they say?

Ann Coulter debates Al Franken, seemingly in the State of Connecticut. The origin of Barack Obama's questionable Social Security Card is Connecticut. What ties to the State of Connecticut, the CIA, and all the BS, did Obama have, and when?

Can you say "Hail, Obama", and "I am a UN, Agenda 21 Slave"?

Steven G. Erickson videos and links [found here]

[click here] for:

"Roth Cop", the Slang Definition

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Domestic spying before 9/11 is real

Domestic spying before 9/11 is real. A homosexual prosecutor lived in Longmeadow Mass with his partner. I painted for them. The prosecutor told me he lived in Mass to not be spied on by Connecticut State Police who would use what they know to then rig cases. Another CT prosecutor lived in Springfield, Mass, I painted for her. She was, or is married, then, and attractive. A Connecticut State Police Officer pulled her over for being attractive because he wanted to date her. Cops can use their spying to put boyfriends and husbands in prison because some dip wad cop wants a date. A person who is self-employed can be a target for prison. [Check my links in this posted video]. Cops are taking inventory to rip you off. Cops are identifying attractive women and girls to stalk them to have sex. Spying is not benign.


Sunday, August 04, 2013

Billionaire Whore, Does he think he owns all of us?

[Michael Rubens Bloomberg] is on my top ten list of biggest pieces of shit.

Is his media empire of lies, a corporate den of debauchery, the reason he "earned" billions of dollars. Are did his greedy little fingers and his ability to lie mean his fortune is stolen, one big collections of frauds?

Does Bloomberg own you?

Should Bloomberg lie you into UN slavery, Agenda 21, sterilization, living in the new world order prison cities, government torturing you for fun, rape, robbery, mayhem, war, and murder all for the pleasure of the elite.

The idea to post this, and picture for this post, came from this [post on gun control]. 

I  wonder if the likes of Patrick Leahy can be turned over to the light, or if he is for the darkness. [I ask him].

Although there is a lot I disagree with Bernie Sanders on, I like his getting in the face of the tyrants. [My open letter to him]

I once wrote to Vermont Congressman Peter Welch asking that J.  Edgar Hoover's name be taken off anything FBI. I really don't have anything against cross-dressing transvestites, but his domestic spying and abuse of the US Constitution is another story. [My recent letter to Peter]

I admire a fellow patriot blogger, an example of one of his posts:

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