Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bankster, US Senator Chris Dodd

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Millions are being paid out to bank regulators in bonuses. So, who isn’t being bribed that isn’t responsible for the worldwide banking crisis? Why are the Foxes in charge of guarding the Hen-house?

Connecticut US Senator Chris Dodd has been caught taking maybe a million dollars, or more, from those he’s supposed to be regulating as ranking member of the Banking Committee.

I am no New World Order conspiracy theorist, but Dodd is known to be a Bilderberg member.

Dodd’s legacy is that he made himself and his friends rich. He did so at the expense of average people worldwide.

On his way out, Dodd might do the most damage he can to the worldwide economy. Dodd proposes that 500 billion of taxpayer dollars be used to start a brand new all powerful financial regulating agency. It has no oversight, and there is no control of the agency by the Senate, Congress, or the US President. In other words, the people, in black and white, have no representation for their taxation. If trends continue those getting the regulator jobs will have paid the largest bribes and are, or have been, the biggest perpetrators in worldwide corporate and banking fraud.

Connecticut is the Wild West of obeying any laws and doing any kind of honest investigations. Just look into Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal’s dirty deals and awarding millions to former law partners in no-bid contracts. Many of the richest banksters, Big Pharma executives, Bio-Weapons company owners, war corporation, insurance, and other corporate complete assholes live in Connecticut.

Has Chris Dodd done more financial damage to the world than the aftermath of 9-11 or any serial killer? If a citizen who steals a candy bar more than once can get prison, why shouldn’t Dodd get prison for allowing banksters to steal trillions? Dodd took bribes from Bank of America, Countrywide Home Loan, and others. Why is Dodd still on the Banking Committee? If a clerk at a candy store allows merchandise from the store, and profits from it to be stole, he, or she, is fired, arrested, handcuffed, processed, wrapped in chains and leg irons, locked up to await trial. Dodd has done something more than one million times more serious, why is he not in prison instead of getting a cushy retirement AND a huge pay out from organized corporate banking criminals?

If you love liberty and honest government anywhere in the world, DEMAND THAT DODD BE ARRESTED, HANDCUFFED, AND MADE TO STAND TRIAL.

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