Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Racism in Connecticut Schools

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied. Plaintiff Milo Sheff at the time of the filing and in a recent photograph.

[This pdf] on the Milo Sheff v. William A. O'Neill spells out in black and white about the past and current racism in Connecticut's schools.

If there is racism in schools, police, judicial, prosecutorial, official, and attorney misconduct is prevalent also. The "skippy" on the racist Connecticut State Police [click here]

There is rampant racism and sexism in the Connecticut State Police and in the Judicial Branch.

200 Connecticut State Troopers converged on the Judiciary Committee legislators, whining that they were treated unfairly by higher ups. The Internal Affairs Division in Connecticut is still lacking, even for police officers complaining about being abused by other police officers.

[This video] explains why Connecticut courts don't work. Two judicial branch employees blow the whistle. If there wasn't overwhelming abuse, beyond any measure, the Sheff case would not have had a positive outcome in court. In Connecticut, cases can be decided illegally in back rooms before trials and hearing are even held.

Jim Crow, Apartheid, Racism, and Separate and Unequal are alive and well in Connecticut. Connecticut might be the most racist and abusive to its citizens in the entire union.

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A "Free" America?

America's Prison and "Drug War" policies are about racism, bias, and abusing those that aren't rich and connected. Those that help facilitate cocaine and heroin being imported into the US might be those running the courts and police. [more]

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