Thursday, December 27, 2012

Armed and Israeli

The below text and pics was placed as a comment in [this article] on gun control.

Click on below images to make larger.

I heard a report that Israel got an additional 70 million US tax dollars, over the whopping
amounts they already get to be further armed. At the same time the Israeli lobby wants
all Americans disarmed. Piers Morgan is in from the UK trying to dismantle the US
Constitution. That is not free speech, it is 5th Column behavior. John Lennon talked about
peace and the FBI wanted him deported. Here is an Israeli teacher (with gaggle of small

Here are teenage women relaxing on an Israeli beach:

If the UN and international bankers want to disarm the public, why don't they start with
Israel? Why are Americans paying taxes to arm Israel and to US domestic spy and thug
agencies to covertly disarm Americans? So, why should US taxpayers pay millions after
millions to arm Israeli citizens and then get disarmed themselves? Does this make sense?



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