Thursday, December 27, 2012

FBI Citizen Kill List?

I got the idea to post on this subject after reading [this post by Scott Baker].

Are US taxpayer paid officials loyal to foreign powers and willing to spy on, harm, torture, indefinitely detain, take property, rape, make suffer, break up families, and even murder citizens for their international banker and corporate owners?

If foreign powers are calling the shots are we being taxed without representation? Has America been invaded and is their a secret police and military occupying force? Having armed drones flying over your head, police departments being armed with pain ray guns and tanks, does that tell you anything?

FBI Citizen Kill List?

If the above video does not have the same title as this post, then pleas check [my video uploads] or [my video uploads].

Text with video: author Scott Baker asserts that there is allegedly an FBI plan to kill citizens who engage in Free Speech. He asserts that there were plans to kill Occupy Wall St. OWS planners and organizers before the movement took off. [link]

Corporations aren't people, they are foreign powers. If the FBI and State Police met with Wall St. bankers and foreign corporation owners to plan covert operations, they conspired with foreign powers against Americans in America for outsiders. Are for police, the FBI, NSA, TSA, DHS, the UN, US courts, and the US Government for protecting outside interests, not Americans?

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Was the War of 1812 really an invasion of World Banks into America, where we lost our sovereignty? In 1815 Rothschild bank spies rushed into London to seed false news reports that the UK had lost the war against Napoleon at Warterloo. It was false information so that the Rothchilds could Financially invade the UK, as after stock plummeted in the UK, the Rothschilds took ownership of the UK. We in the US are owned by a cabal of international bankers, probably part of the same Rothschild conspiracy. Lawyers and judges allegedly sold all of America out during the War of 1812 with secret agreements.

These offshore don't want Americans to have Free Speech or guns. These criminals own us all on paper. Do you want to be educated as to not be a slave?

Are bankers building a bunker of 1000's of miles of underground highways, bunkers, and stockpiling weapons and fuel to squash America using trillions of dollars of US taxpayer dollars? [story and video]

The Dissolution of Basic Rights

Text with video:
My basic right is my right to bear arms. I am sad that children have died but that is not an excuse to take away my 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. I also share an excerpt from a book my Father and I are writing called "The Distress of John and Jane Q. Public".

CT: How cops helped school shooter

Text with video: - CT: How cops - and government in general - helped school shooter. Just the parts they'll admit to, not the conspiracy theories.

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