Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Obama's MO

"Presstitute" Anthony Freda Art

The below text is a comment I placed in [this Paul Craig Roberts piece]:

Obama probably promised his handlers at the UN and the international banksters and corporate pirates who had previously purchased him that the time frame to start the process of taking all guns from Americans would be the end of December 2012. The NDAA was signed by Obama last December 31 and with the NDAA Americans can be just rounded up, their guns taken, they can be tortured, their kids taken away, their property and cash revoked, and covert murder and burial is also what the NDAA is, or could be, about. NDAA is war declared on Americans.

Before 9/11 police in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, knew illegal surveillance cameras and microphones were being strung up everywhere. Police were trolling emails and phone calls to stalk the young girls and women they thought hot, and to go after targets on their secret police enemies list. It is about revenue collection, property confiscation, racketeering, crime farming, and retaliation.

I told Connecticut State Police which cocaine and heroin dealers were carrying pistols and what caliber. I was threatened with felony arrest for interrupting police work and told I was interfering for reporting crimes. Police followed me around after I proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to elected officials. Officers threatened my life, with my getting beaten, losing my property, never seeing my daughter again and sending me to prison even though I committed no crimes. They lied and set me up to give me prison. I believe there is NOTHING just in America any more.


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