Monday, December 24, 2012

What if cops refuse to enforce laws?

The below text was placed in an piece written by Michael Moore

There were so many rules not enforced for the Newtown Sandy Hook School yard shooting to occur in Connecticut. If cops refused to come when called, refuse to take statements, and are using tax dollars to break laws, and to get informants to break laws so that maximum fines, fees, court fees, lawyers fees, from those who are able to pay with the bonus for departments when cash and property is seized, how does that behavior prevent mass shootings? Why do we the people have to suffer when there is systemic failure.

Police in Stafford Springs, Connecticut were given names, dates, and addresses of drug dealers who had illegal guns, had stashes of heroin and cocaine, who were breaking into houses to steal guns, a forty year old who raped a 14 year old, prostitutes, underage sex, and about the Diaper Gang of teenagers who were robbing and beating citizens with baseball bats for months before they almost killed Richie D.

Citizens who complained were charged in multiple towns for the same vehicle, were threatened with $100/day fines when informants through trash on their lawns, $140,000 in all of a sudden taxes when they have $140,000 in equity, have their small business ruined by police if they don't know the right organized crime figure or who to bribe, have informants beating them up and trying to extort 10's of thousands of dollars out of the victim so they don't make false police reports. That all happened to me after I proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to Sen. Tony Guglielmo and gave him a list of criminals and crimes police refused to investigate.


Gun control isn't the answer, Cop Control Is.

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"Getting Made" in the Cop Mafia?



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