Sunday, December 30, 2012

Oliver Stone: Obama's America

Oliver Stone in Vietnam photo found here.

Create a little controversy and maybe some people will do some research for themselves. When truth is discovered, it is true enlightenment.

Truth should not be a lie yet undiscovered. 

I only just recently watched Oliver Stone's movie, "W." about George W. Bush. I thought Stone was too kind. But, to understand where Obama's administration is now, you might want a point of reference.

What do international bankers and corporate pirates have in store for us? We can pay attention to what is said at the UN.

The Chinese people were killed in the 10's of millions just after they were disarmed.

Central bankers were the cause of the Opium Wars. The Central Bankers now ask the offspring of the their victims to act as their muscle if the US is to be taken over. Will the Chinese turn on international organized crime, the American people who are told they owe the Central Bankers' debt, or both?

We are occupied.

The American people who were still subjects of the British Empire, a front for Central Banks, rebelled because of the "Writs of Assistance". Soldiers could invade your home and look for taxable items. The soldiers acting as police could take a detour and be distracted by any females they wanted to rape or items they wanted to steal and not declare as taxable. That is why the 4th Amendment came about. There is now no 4th Amendment.

Would you like to be beaten, raped, robbed, or murdered in your own home? Well, Obama's masters at the UN and international bankers and corporate pirates who run the US government expect you go along until you have no other choice anyway. 

So, with no 4th Amendment will modern Americans rebel against their international organized crime owners?

Look at the contradiction, here.

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OBAMA'S AMERICA: Oliver Stone: 'USA has become an Orwellian state'


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