Friday, March 20, 2015

The Art of Giving Killer Terminator Drones Human Rights ...

I watched the movie Chappie. [IMDb listing]

I watched the movie based on the IMDb listing, currently a 7.3 rating out of 10. I would not give the movie that high of a rating. The movie is worth watching for other than entertainment value. Although, the movie can be considered entertaining for most of you reading this.

Jeremy Jahns' review of the movie, and embedded youtube [video link found here].

It is beyond international banker and corporate organized propaganda giving a police terminator drone robot the protection needed we would want to give any baby who is loveable, and who is in the possession of criminally insane parents.

Let's just love the killing. Drone killing of most of the population is great, right? Let's give human rights to Terminator Drone Human Killing Robots, right?

The Defense Industry Propagandists teach us that the killer robots are just babies, with human intelligence, who just need to be loved. That is good. You need an international tax to breathe. It used to be classified as "Global Warming". But now, citizen, you are responsible for "Climate Change". You should apologize, and pay, for breathing, right?

Love population reductiton, UN Agenda 21. It is a baby who needs love, right?

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