Monday, March 09, 2015

Makers of Bio-Weapons "Accidentally" release them. Don't worry, they also make the mandatory vaccines

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How crazy does it have to get in America? The story of bio-weapons being manufactured is not new news. The regular "accidental" release of some of the most dangerous strains ever is nothing new. Should those who profit from manufacturing bio-weapons then force us to spend even greater wads of money for medical treatment and vaccines?

Sounds crazy, because it is crazy. David Knight of Infowars breaks it down in embedded video [found here].

Lyme Disease and West Nile Virus might have been manufactured at Plum Island, a bio-weapons research facility in Long Island Sound, between Connecticut and New York. Prevailing winds allegedly come past the island to Lyme, Connecticut. [blog post]

Kathleen Dickson, a scientist in Connecticut, exposed the Lyme Disease testing and treatment fraud, where Yale University, Glaxo Smith Kline, and Baxter stood to make billions, scamming, rigging tests, and committing fraud. Lisa Masterson, a scientist from the London UK area exposed the Lyme Disease testing and treatment fraud. Both women on opposite sides of the pond were then arrested, their children taken away, and they were whisked off to mental hospitals. Word search it.

[Steven G. Erickson video uploads and favorites]

Bio-Weapon Escapes Tulane Lab

The Skippy on Lyme Disease Fraud

Unseen, Far Away, Silent Lethal Weapons

If a person, car, boat, truck, house, or tall building suddenly starts smoking, bursts into flames, or crumbles to bits in front of your eyes and there is no weapons to be seen, what is it?

There will be a time when there are more of us going blind without explanation, loosing our wits and health due to radiation, more unexplained disappearances, and less reports of shootings and bombings.

Well, the weapons mounted on satellites, then drones, are getting smaller cousins. They have existed at least since US President Ronald Reagan's Star Wars program.

Microwave and laser weapons have become smaller, more powerful. Stealth technology was already in use over a decade before any real information was released to the public. The Pentagon stolen trillions is going somewhere.

Yahoo post shown in video [location].

Youtube video shown as small clip on my computer screen, [full video on youtube]

The "new" technology is touted for use on ISIS. From what a Department of Homeland Security architect told me, when this advance weaponry is revealed to the US public, "It won't be long."

[Stark Raving Viking blog]

Obama is a CIA Front:

Text with video:

Published on Oct 22, 2014
Former U.S. Naval officer and NSA employee Wayne Madsen, on how the CIA created ISIS


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