Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Farmer Revolt Against Monsanto

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International corporations and bankers have run self-employed citizens and family farmers off their land. Corporations and bankers often pay no taxes, get the benefit of our taxes, and since we the people pay taxes it is an unfair business practice. Corporations will eventually own almost all property, run all business, and completely run most of our lives.

Is the US Government a Corporation, not a Democratic Republic, not even a real government? [A Stark Raving Viking blog post].

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My own father was a corporate cog in the wheel executive, a minion of Monsanto. He was abusive to my mother and me, to good to even be seen with us in a lot of public situations. I would be told I was not good enough to watch tv shows and sports with him on television, I was told I was lazy if I did. From age 3, he would punch me in the face and send me down to the cellar, often for hours at a time, for having asthma or allergy symptoms. I could be quiet at the dinner table, and then be sent to the basement for being "wishy-washy at the table".

My grandfather was a family farmer near Fargo North Dakota and passed away at age 65, just starting to enjoy his retirement. Monsanto, other chemical companies, and cigarettes contributed to his early demise. When I was about age 10, before, and after, my grandfather would take me for pickup rides along dirt roads of the approximately 1000 acre farm.
My grandfather told me about the demon corporations, which includes Monsanto, Dow, and others who are using unfair business practices to put family farmers out of business by not paying taxes, by making farm yield prices artificially low by flooding the market with crops that are put into the market at below market prices, and ran police and rigged court cases for corporations. International bankers are also using predatory banking practices to take land from farmers and the self-employed to benefit corporations.

I was self-employed myself in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and [found this to be true from personal experience].

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Published on Feb 24, 2015
Alex Jones breaks down how the people have started to revolt against Monsanto and are winning the fight.

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