Friday, February 06, 2015

Will you thank Michael Nowacki for your Freedom in the Future?

[February 11, 2015, holding Connecticut Supreme Court Justice Chase T. Rogers accountable]


Michael Nowacki of New Canaan, Connecticut, gives it to the powers that be, right in their faces. When they are getting freebies and bribes, he exposes it, and gets right in the faces of officials who are corrupt, wafting bags of excrement.

You may thank Michael Nowacki for preserving your US Constitution someday with his actions regarding this:

A previous post on Nowacki is found here:

Connecticut Task Force Michael Nowacki (March 2014)

Explosive Interview with Michael Nowacki, February 2012

Joan Kloth-Zanard January 9, 2014 Testimony at Public Task Force Concerning CT Family Court (Jan. 2014)

Text with video:

Published on Feb 1, 2014
On January 9, 2014, the Task Force Studying Legal Disputes Involving the Care & Custody of Minor Children was held at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford, CT. As in Family Courts all of this country and in many other countries, Family Courts are dysfunctional and causing even more family dysfunction. Joan speaks about her almost 2 decades of work with victims of the family courts, parental alienation, failed legal systems, what she has witnessed and the solutions she has come up with to help resolve many of these issues.

* * * *

Would there have been a 9/11 if the State of Connecticut Legislators on the Judiciary Committee took Ritt Goldstein seriously after his revelations of public corruption, judicial misconduct, and police brutality back in December 1996? Ritt was so terrorized by police he fled Connecticut USA to seek political asylum in Sweden after making this video:

* * * *

Should the current Connecticut Supreme Court Justice be removed for allegedly being an elitist insider giving lawyers free reign to rise their pirate flag, break up families for profit, and reward organized crime insiders with lucrative no bid contracts? 

[click here] for:

Public Corruption and Judicial Misconduct's best friend, Chase T. Rogers?



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