Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Apartment Complex Laundry Room Rage

The same type of person, male or female, who would have road rage and slam into other cars, or just start shooting a gun out of a window at other motorists who happen to be on the same road with the unreasonable, volatile person have an almost equal menace in the apartment complex laundry room.

It is more, and more common that a person who comes into a laundry room at the busiest time and does not have an open laundry machine will throw their laundry detergent explosively against the wall, or floor setting the powder to waft in the air. Or, in another instance, set off the fire extinguisher off setting that powder into the air to ruin everyone clean laundry. The cloud can burn the eyes of the unsuspecting others who waited their turn for the washers.

Others will pour bleach in the machine so the next user has a load of ruined clothes. Some even think if funny to throw fiberglass insulation into your dryer with your clothes. Try wearing your underwear after that ... you might just be driving along, get so itchy you start screaming, and disrobe naked on the side of the road as one cheating boyfriend actually did.

I understand this mentality. Connecticut town and State Police did not want me being married, as my wife was attractive and they wanted her, or to date after they broke up my marriage, as I would be dating women in Stafford Springs the police figured they had dibs on. I digress ... selfish people suck. Domestic spying, creepy, sexual predator, street gang thug police also suck. [My letter to CT Atty General]. 

It is these scum of the earth, selfish eaters, who make apartment dwellers strive for their own place. But, the occupiers of America are out to abolish private property ownership. So, good luck while it lasts.

This about sums up the crazy world we live in:


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