Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fuck You Katie Couric Globalist Sell-Out!

What global implication can Katie Couric or the mainstream media have when they have been exposed as shameless shills? There are billions of people. One person, or three, or ten, or 100, is small potatoes in the consideration of all the numbers. Some little, nothing, little, little, little, nothing story should not be getting any real press. If we can save just one person, we should eliminate the source of what might kill this person right? Well, we can all drown in at least 1/2 inch or centimeter of water right? Well, then water is dangerous, right? If we can save at least one person from drowning, we should ban water, right?

The powers that be assume we are that stupid. Katie Couric wants a paycheck and assumes that you are that stupid. Are you that stupid? [My favorite videos]. Katie Couric is a shameless slut, for general attention, asking for funding for billionaire propaganda media. That is beyond offense, right?

Journalism after #CharlieHebdo

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Communist sell out Bit'ch.
ANYONE who works for Yahoo has the credibility of a ripe fig.
Weak limp wrist-ed robot that she is.

Sat Jun 06, 10:55:00 AM 2015  

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