Monday, December 29, 2014

USDOJ funds Gangster Rap to Incite Killing of White Cops?

Video embedded below is an Alex Jones Infowars video. Either there is evidence that the USDOJ funded rap music to incite violence and civil unrest, or they didn't. Alex Jones has millions of radio listeners and those who watch him on youtube. So, it news that they people are being told this. What is your take?

Did DCF workers blow the whistle on illegal experiments of using pesticides to kill young African Americans? That is just one of the allegations talked about in the video.

There is so much that has been decided for us over the holidays by elected officials. Legislation benefits international criminal bankers and the smaller and smaller pool of corporate mega operators. The elites are playing their own version of Parker Brothers Monopoly game except theirs seems to be in the Twilight Zone. [my take, check out my last 3 Stark Raving Viking blog posts]

Is there a corrupt takeover going on? Are Americans being ruled offshore with plenty of highly paid turncoats on the inside?

It's a Federally funded, "Destabilization Program".

[source of video]

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