Friday, December 26, 2014

Enemy of the State, the Self-Employed

Steven G. Erickson shown in early 1990's painting an entire hotel, Exit 6, RT. 95, Stamford, Connecticut. It wasn't long after that police told me that I was a target of police and a scumbag for being self-employed. I found out the hard way there was a UN Agenda 21 like program to rid Connecticut, and probably other states too, of Concealed Carry Handgun permit holders, the self-employed, and of the outspoken.

I was bitten by a drug dealer who sold heroin and cocaine near my home in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. He bit into my ear, punched me several times in the face, and fled the scene after I told him not to sell drugs near my home any more. I dialed 911. Stafford Officer Fat Frank Prochaska arrested me in front of my wife 6 weeks later after he got 3 witnesses to my attack changed their written statements to say I had attacked the drug dealer. I faced one and a half years in prison, no deals. Fat Frank Prochaska told me he would go back and comfort my wife while I was in jail as he drove me to be fingerprinted, my mugshot taken, and where I would be locked up.

My wife and I quit sleeping together, eating together, and talking to each other after the incident. Because I was attacked, I could have gone to prison, lost my contracting business, and would not see her. So, that was enough to end the relationship. I complained about Officer Fat Frank Prochaska and soon found out that the Connecticut State Police put me on their list to be kicked out of Connecticut, to be arrested, beaten, and/or railroaded to prison on any excuse for having complained about an officer, for complaining to elected officials, and for getting mouthy in letters to the editor printed in State of Connecticut newspapers. 

Prosecutor Beth Leming at Rockville Court told me that no deals would be offered and that I should plead guilty, spend a year and a half in jail, and pay a $5000 fine for my "offense". I said that given the circumstances, I should not have been arrested, and should not be prosecuted as I had committed no crimes and had called 911 after being assaulted where my attacker fled the scene not to be caught with drugs and huge amounts of cash. Leming said she did not care about guilt or innocence and said she had what she needed to prosecute me whether she believed it or not. She said she hates the self-employed because they won't as easily cave to make a deal and plead guilty, and can keep coming to court, no matter how many times, without losing their jobs because they employ themselves.

I no longer paint houses or hotels, install replacement windows, or work with power tools. A secret agenda of police, riggers of courts, and the government is out to ruin the self-employed, especially those who garden, farm, ranch, legally own firearms, or who are outspoken about public corruption, police brutality, and judicial misconduct.

[My open text letter to the Connecticut Attorney General]

-stevengerickson at yahoo dot com


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