Monday, December 29, 2014

Billionaires like the Koch Brothers are represented by officials, NOT US

Elected officials work for the billionaires, not you and I. These billionaires want the US Constitutions and borders erased. Billionaires want us to pay for derivatives  in the tune of trillions of dollars. So, we the people have to pay for the crimes, fraud, and gambling of the world's most elite. We need to start hunting and hanging billionaires, right?

Vermont US Senator Bernie Sanders breaks it down in video, but offers solutions that will not work. Massachusetts US Senator Elizabeth Warren also brings up some interesting points. This video should be shared with others.

Lehman Brothers failed and it cost us all. J. P. Morgan allegedly has 2.5 trillion in assets and over 3000 subsidiaries. J. P. Morgan pours billions into elections. Who do you think gets represented? Who do you think pays taxes? Who bribes politicians to pay what to whom?

Yes it is an Alex Jones Infowars video. It is about the content. Word search what is talked about for yourself. 

The below video's [direct link]



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