Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sigil Selection Around the Campfire

Men meeting around a campfire.

My chosen sigil (symbol) an "A" and a "M", a solution to two of the turning points where I felt most alone. Fewer, and fewer, citizens go to church and meet within their communities. There is a growing "OG" movement. Citizens meet offline around a campfire, discuss self-improvement, doing better financially, getting along better with their spouses or significant others, and how to best help others and unify their local community. [Meetings OG Stark Raving Viking blog post]

A game of sorts, or ritual, to get at the core of what most bothered each individual was initiated.

We took positions outside the campfire, drew imaginary lines and boundaries, and picked two points in the past of our forward motions to pick when we each were most alone.

Position one for me was with my wife after we got a 4 bedroom house in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. Vandals and drug dealers were there first, and it was their turf. A Police Officer who lived with his mother was infatuated by my wife and became very threatening a hostile to me. I didn't share that with the group. But I realized that my wife wanted to get closer to me and that we should sell, or abandon our home, to get closer together and move forward. I do not even consider the possibility of getting back with my ex. I just have a better understanding of what I did wrong. I figured my poor choice was greed, and stubbornness. I should have realized the amount of evil, bad will, and public corruption was swirling around.

Fast forward to the divorce and my having a 2 family, 3 family, and 4 family multi-family rental houses, 9 total apartments. My daughter, then 15 realized the toll having those places in Connecticut that I fixed up from a boarded up condition were doing to me, and taking time away from our relationship. Again, my daughter gave me a choice. I could have just walked away then and let the back take them, sell them at a loss, or just get out. Police and predatory court ground their gears on me anyway. I lost me daughter's love, respect, and affection after I was railroaded to prison for having property someone else more important wanted (Peter J. Coukos had bribed the seletman $5000 to get police to help him run me off and set me up).

So, what could have solved my problem was mobility and adaptability. "A" and "M" my made up sigil at the campfire hours ago.

Having a camper, or just a backpack, or just a cross-country motorcycle would be enough for me now. I can adapt to any new situation, move forward, and not stay where the devil and his minions can again take me down. My problem was greed and stubbornness. Police pre-9/11 told me I owned nothing, had no rights, and my wife was too pretty for me. So, if I didn't really own anything, had no rights, I could have left and gone somewhere else where police would not hassle me for being married, having a house, raising a daughter, being a concealed carry permit holder, and for being self-employed as a contractor and property manager.

Hopefully, my symbolic transition into the rest of my life will allow me to be outside an area gridlocked by Martial Law, with the systematic ending to all people like me.

If not, you need not do anything, just draw the pattern in the dirt above where I am buried.

-stevengerickson at yahoo dot com

[My act of futility, text of a letter sent to Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen]



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