Friday, January 23, 2015

Was Dick Cheney in the command bunker before first plane hit, 9/11?

The below video is from 2010. It is as relevant today.

If Vice-President Richard Cheney was in the command bunker before, or just as, the first plane hit the World Trade Center September 11, 2001, after ordering a stand down of military aircraft, not going after hijacked planes the key to the whole puzzle?

Without what Dick Cheney did, he could have been later prosecuted over the missing 2.3 Trillion Taxpayer Dollars unaccounted for, stolen, misappropriated as part of one of the biggest ongoing thefts in the history of the world.

Without Dick Cheney there would be no TSA or DHS. We would have a US economy and at least a semblance of a US Constitution.

Who Did 9/11? - PhD Kevin Barrett Speaks Out (Russia Today RT Interview)

9/11: Put Options, Insider Trading Revisited 2013: Mike harari Mossad PLANNED 9/11!


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