Sunday, February 01, 2015

Got my first invite to a Superbowl Party

I'm 50, and just got my first invite to a Superbowl Party. There will be no drinking, just food and a $20 per person bet to see who gets the whole pot. 2 of my friends have not had a drink of alcohol for at least 10 years.

From my first memories, my father didn't want me around him watching sports on television. He told me I was lazy watching television with him. He also said that I was going to be too short to be worth anything and should stay away from normal people. My mother is short. He married her. I am only 2 inches shorter than him. I couldn't have been a hockey star, but my father, although the richest in our neighborhood didn't want to buy the equipment.

Growing up I can't remember watching one Superbowl with my father. When I was older he had Superbowl parties. I was told I was not invited and not to be around. My two younger sisters and their husbands and/or boyfriends were invited. My father told me he didn't want to support me and that no one would blame him if he disowned me, and that was from age 3.

The first time my father ever had anything nice to say to me, or treated me with any respect, is when I fixed up rental properties from a boarded up condition in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and Somersville. [Video of my properties].

The Connecticut State Police were out to arrest and imprison as many concealed carry pistol permit holders, the self-employed, and the outspoken, so [this is how my life worked out for me]. So, I may have been invited to a Superbowl party by my father. That is not something I placed in a letter to CT Attorney General George Jepsen, [text of letter].

I wouldn't want to go to the Superbowl and see it in the stadium. It is all about what is most wrong with America. The TSA gropes you. The NFL is about spewing the corporate/banker propaganda. We are all under stealth occupation by the international banker and corporate organized crime cartel. There is nothing to see here, eat your Monsanto GMO food, and no need to watch anything on independent media, [like RT America], while you can, just route for your favorite team.


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Steven G Erickson's former Stafford Springs and Somersville Connecticut rental properties shown in below video.

Citizens foot the bill for Super Bowl security, NFL makes millions

Text with video:

Published on Jan 30, 2015
F-16 fighter jets, a Blackhawk helicopter, thousands of police officers and hundreds of federal agents will be on patrol at Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday, on the lookout for what the Department of Homeland Security fears could be ‘lone wolf attackers.’ Though no specific threats have been made against the event that generates hundreds of millions in revenues for the National Football League, the massive operation is being organized at the expense of taxpayers. RT’s Manila Chan takes a look.

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