Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Smart Grid Admits it's spying on you taxing you for everything

You will be taxed by the mile driving. You will have GPS tracking devices in your car, phone, and anything electronic you carry. Your Smart Television will record audio and video and send it to your corporate and banker masters.

You will be taxed to breathe. The Carbon Tax for Carbon Dioxide is plain abuse and debt slavery. You breathe in Oxygen and exhale Carbon Dioxide. Plants and trees breathe in Carbon Dioxide and exhale Oxygen. So the Carbon Tax is a scam.

Why are we not allowed to have privacy or conversations not recorded by corporations and bankers? What are they afraid of?

Davos: The Friendly Face Of The Eugenecist Cult

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Hey Leahy, Bill Binney says the NSA could've thwarted 9/11



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