Thursday, February 12, 2015

Maybe most compelling 9/11 video I've seen

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I have seen countless documentaries and videos on 9/11. If the video below can't be debunked, it might be the most compelling I've seen.

Are there eyewitnesses to a "Gray Plane" without commercial airline markers and windows that hit World Trade Center Tower 2? Were witnesses on sidewalks witnesses to the ground shaking under their feet before the hits to the towers, the feeling of an earthquake?

Did Tower 2 "flame out" after the airplane hit, so without a fire, if the fire went out, why did it restart and why did the building come down?

If there were only minor fires in Building 7, and it was not hit by an airplane, why did it come down like a controlled demolition?

There are pictures of premature explosions under where the planes hit, if legitimate, would lend a case to explosive charges being in the buildings prior to the planes hitting the buildings.

Why would elevator shafts eject elevators out of them if the building was "collapsing"? Why would the buildings fall into their own footprint when that has not happened before, or since?

Why would massively huge steel beam fly horizontally into building 600 feet away?

Why would 28 pages of the 9/11 Official Report be classified? Why would it be classified information to know who, what countries, what agencies, and what entities are involved?

If 9/11 was an excuse to go to war, and two countries were attacked and the wars are still going on, shouldn't we the people know who is really responsible?

On September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld was testifying on a special hearing of where the 2.3 Trillion missing, possibly stolen, Pentagon embezzlement of taxpayer funds, why has that theft not been brought up since?

This is my secondary blog, this is my main one:

Ricki DeSantis releases important new photos from 9/11

G. Duff - Russian Intel, 9/11 a 'Nuclear Event' & Much More - Unmissable!

The NSA knew before 9/11 who was going to be responsible and that it was going to happen. The NSA knew who would be really responsible for the Boston Bombing and when it would happen. Each time it was allows to happen. Sandy Hook too, [click here for my questions]

NBC Censors Edward Snowden's 9/11 Comments


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