Saturday, February 07, 2015

Corporate Manufactured scarcity of land and goods

[February 11, 2015, holding Connecticut Supreme Court Justice Chase T. Rogers accountable]

Corporate Manufactured scarcity of land and goods.

To understand how the international banker and corporate organized crime stealth occupation of your country, your land, your life, your family, your labor, and your future has been hijacked using corporate manufactured scarcity of land and goods check out link below. They need to terrorize you to tax you for breathing

If you work at least 6 hours of your 8 hour day to pay for scams of the elite, can you listen to a 2 hour plus audio by James Corbett of the Corbett Report to understand why? [audio available here]

International criminals have stolen the majority of land in the world. Each person and/or family should be afforded at least enough land to sustain himself, herself, or themselves by farming, hunting, fishing, and/or foraging for trade.  It is your right, no matter what. Some call it your God given right. The rent paid to our masters should be affordable. Some call this rent to breathe, taxes. There are huge tracts of land. The scarcity of land is propaganda.

Study the titans of corporate corruption, those who used the most immoral and criminal techniques to manufacture monopolies from the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in the United States of America. Names like Rockefeller, DuPont, J.P. Morgan, Carnegie, Vanderbilt, etc. should be studied. If you research that history of corporate/banker corruption, you will understand where we are now. Bankers finance both sides of wars. Corporations manufacture the propaganda to make wars okay with you so they make more money.

Taking adverse possession of property stolen from us collectively as a whole is explained by Bob Hurt in [this youtube video audio interview by Steven G. Erickson]

Your local police and courts are out to get as many "customers" as they can. They want you to lose your home, they want you to lose your job, they want to officially kidnap your kids, they want to drain your finances, they want to process you in courts, they want you to have a criminal record, have spent time in prison, and they want to eliminate your voice, your base, and your ability to question your having been ripped off. Police hire prostitutes, thieves, vandals, thugs, killers, drug dealers, and other scum of the earth to pleasure themselves, for profit, for political gain, for retaliation, and to beat you up, set you up for false arrests, prison, for your rape, and even for your murder. [This post covers those subjects].


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