Friday, March 06, 2015

Have elected officials made the US too crappy to live in?

I ask elected officials whether they are making the US too crappy to live in., I am forwarding them, [this Stark Raving Viking blog post]. Have elected officials in the US so sold us out, that the US is becoming too crappy to live in?

In the US, the TSA and/or the DHS decide whether you are allowed to get a driver's license. They, or the IRS, can arbitrarily block, or seize your accounts and retirement. You own nothing. The NSA records all they can off your phone, trolls your internet, and spies on you through your television and game consoles. Who you are close to, or where you work or live, can be ended by someone unseen. You can be robbed, raped, indefinitely detained, or even murdered by your voyeurs.

In Connecticut there is a law being proposed today, March 6, regarding "upskirting" taking videos up women's skirts and being a peeping tom. This legislation sounds benign and beneficial. But, who are the real peeping toms? Police use Stingray to lift all video, photos, texts, who you call, and all of your locations you go to with phone's onboard GPS, all without a warrant.

Do you think police aren't sharing your nude photos, and sharing with each other, the girls and women they are going to sexually target?


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