Sunday, March 01, 2015

US Black Bag & Tag Sites brought to you by International Police Goon Union, SEIU?

US media did not break the black site, Chicago Police torture center story. Police can kidnap citizens off the streets and then torture them, starve them, heat and chill for more uncomfortable conditions, deny water, and leave prisoners hanging in stress positions. Police killing citizens goes unpunished. If police murder is okay, so it rape. Is this a national scourge yet unreported?

Is it okay for police to step on a secret detainee's genitals while hurling insults. Is it okay for police to stick objects in a detainee's anus?

The SEIU is an international union collecting dues from DHS, TSA, Police, court employees, legislative aids and employees, teachers, firefighters, military recruiting centers etc. Dues goes out, tyranny gets inserted back into the US as employees get secret directives from the union. [The FCC taking over the internet can help squash stories like this].

US Veterans who don't re-up or become police, FBI, CIA, NSA, TSA, or a military or police contractor are labeled terrorists, targeted to be disarmed, for family breakup, false arrests, and even being shepherded away to prisons or mental hospitals. Wave the flag!

The Infowars video, hosted by US Veteran, Joe Biggs is [found here] on youtube.

Shocking! Torture & Murder in America's Black Sites Revealed


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