Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ken O'Keefe proves Israel and Mossad Culpable for 9/11?

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This might be a video you should view and not regret not seeing it if the FCC cracks down on anything that does not march to the party line. Slide into 1:00:00 in. Try not to then not watch the video to the end.

There is stuff, very compelling, I have seen nowhere else.

O'Keefe claims [Michael Chertoff] is a dual citizen of the US and Israel. Chertoff was a US Attorney who went after mobsters in NYC who co-authored the Patriot Act before 9/11. O'Keefe claims Chertoff helped coordinate the attacks on 9/11. Chertoff became head of US Department of Homeland Security DHS after 9/11 where Chertoff ordered billions in equipment such as radiation scanners for airports. Chertoff then went to work for the company he placed the order at pocketing millions.

Were there multiple vans with Mossad agents caught with undetonated explosives on the day of 9/11, who were let go? The mainstream media, made up primarily of Jewish owners, according to O'Keefe, did not report on the Mossad operatives. Reporters were vague and did not report ethnicity of those in the vans. Were there murals of a plane smashing into buildings on the outsides of the Mossad NYC vans used during 9/11?

Was it determined in 1990 it would be less expensive to tear down the twin towers than to deal with the asbestos problem? Did Larry Silverstein who is heavily involved with the Israeli government and Mossad lease the twin towers 6 weeks before 9/11, raising insurance to 3.5 billion dollars and for 1.5 billion dollars on Building 7 where if the buildings were destroyed he would be paid 5 billion dollars in cash? O'Keefe answers those questions.

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Overwhelming Evidence that 9/11 was an Inside Job, Who did it and Why - Ken O'Keefe


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