Saturday, March 21, 2015

Cops can get free drinks, lap dances, and sex at Strip Clubs

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[This Video Blogger] has seen where cops got free admission, free drinks, free food, free lap dances, and free sex near Bourbon St., New Orleans, Louisiana, during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina 2006.

When I worked a 24 hour convenience store in Springfield, Massachusetts, years ago third shift while I attended college during the day, officers would pull over women, especially over weekend nights, and let women get out of DUI and/or marijuana arrests for giving officers oral sex, or for spreading their legs in back of the cruiser, one rear door open to the woods side of the car, submitting to police officer coerced sex which should be considered sexual assault and rape.

Officers would bring prostitutes into the dairy case of that Pasco Rd., store sit on dairy crates 3 high, and collect "protection" from prostitutes in the form of oral sex. Springfield Officers investigated a "solved murder" an extra 6 months of overtime spent at home and out drinking at bars. Officers would bring mostly minority suspects to the enclosed dumpster area, letting off frustration, and beat and torture suspects until bleeding hanging flesh could be seen hanging off off the brick wall.  

3 off-duty Linden New Jersey/New York City are police officer drank heavily at Curve's Strip Bar and ended up in a wrong way crash versus a tractor trailer truck on Staten Island Long Island New York. 2 officers are currently dead from their March 20, 2015, Friday crash. [Story and video on yahoo].

During my time being considered as a police officer or operative for the Troop C, Tolland, Connecticut State Police, I learned a few things in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, best revealed [by this post].

Officers can do drugs, drink and drive, and even rape women, and underage girls, if they are White, Male, and in good standing with other officers and the International Police Union and/or SEIU, goon union. Officers who drink on duty, or off duty, are almost immune from DUI and other laws the rest of us worry about, and/or have respect for.

Should there be Civilian Oversight of Police where officers would need to submit to Civilian Arrests and prosecution by a People's Grand Jury?

John McAfee breaks down how police can spy on everything you do and say, especially scooping up any sexy pictures or videos on your phone or computer:


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