Thursday, January 31, 2008

Confidential Informants acting as Domestic Terrorists

A registered CT CI, a confidential informant, Todd Vashon, was to beat up, terrorize out of town, and even murder everyone on a Colchester Police and Connecticut State Police Troop K list of citizens that had made complaints.

Phil Inkel had compiled statements of citizens abused by local and State Police. Inkel allegedly was beaten by police and his legal evidence for possible court case was seized by police to prevent this.

Informants are encouraged to beat citizens. When police are called the victim of the informant can be arrested by police who are in cahoots with the informant and sanction the beatings and murders.

Many names are named. Police work cases in the local courts and there is inference that cases are fixed to hide gross police misconduct and brutality. Connecticut is corrupt up to the Federal and FBI level.

This has all since been covered up by police, the FBI in Connecticut, and is business as usual, and the abuse of citizens has only gotten more brazen and prevalent. Police have more tools to abuse and even less accountability and oversight, a recipe for disaster.

This is the basic 101, on how police use informants. There needs to be Civilian Oversight of Police to end this.

Do you want to live in a police state?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Connecticut is the most terrifying state to live in. The police are so corrupt, they are scary. Citizens do not have any real rights. Someone who passes some money to the cops could get you harassed and dragged through the courts. After that they never leave you alone. The police stay after you and visit your house over and over again. The aim is to steal your home and to get you into trouble. I complained all over and I dont know where else to complain. The corruption and abuse of citizens is beyond belief.

Wed May 01, 09:48:00 PM 2013  
Blogger The_SRV said...

The Connecticut State Police Intelligence Unit, like the CIA, gets away with murder, mayhem, robbery, rape, torture, and lying to illegally confine honest citizens. Police have become the KGB in the US. International bankers and corporate organized crime wants the US Constitution completely dismantled. It looks like they are succeeding.

Sun May 12, 10:52:00 AM 2013  

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