Saturday, June 28, 2008

Steven G. Erickson goes to Washington, DC

I plan on being in DC before and after July 12 Events.

Steven G. Erickson testifies live on CT-N television:

I bought up how if you do a word search on: Judicial Police Attorney Connecticut Misconduct Public Corruption one of my posts comes up as #1 or close to it. Someone of power saw to it that all of my posts on were removed detailing the abusive of citizens by all 3 branches of Connecticut Government and the domestic spying perpetrated by police.

I posted videos of the Free Press, Minneapolis, Minnesota event from June 6 - 8 [here]. I plan on posting the future DC videos [here] too.

[click here] for Connecticut Judicial Misconduct and Public Corruption stories.

[click here] for my recent email to former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland

[click here] for spilling the beans on "Uncle Joe" D'Alesio of the Connecticut Judicial Branch

Connecticut's Eminent Domain precedent on the nation:

[click here] for my videos

I was in Connecticut yesterday and was in close proximity to 3 Homeland Security Officers [more]

Stafford Springs, CT, Resident State Trooper Mulcahey and Constable Frank Prochaska allegedly offered Peter Coukos help in obtaining a pistol permit if he assaulted me, terrorized me, set me up for a 2nd false arrest, or caused me to flee Connecticut. A typical Peter Coukos threat left on my voicemail [here].

US Marine arrested in Connecticut for being stabbed 13 times! [more]

[click here] for the text of my letter to the Washington, DC, FBI

[click here] for my complaint to Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal about Attorney Michael H. Agranoff containing my docket #

I was pulled over walking in the Hartford Capitol building in Connecticut [video]. I was among others there with video cameras and still cameras, yet only I was singled out and detained.

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