Monday, June 16, 2008

Is it Grand Jury Time?


I believe there is a need to have a grand jury field citizen complaints. Laws are being broken by judges and members of the Connecticut Judicial Branch, the State Police, DCF, and other officials. I am asking that you take action.

The State Police are an absolute embarrassment. Laws being broken, overwhelmingly by police, and taxpayers being defrauded by State Police should be looked into. The bad apples need to be prosecuted. Police have been doing an extremely poor job of investigating each other.

The same goes for judges and members of the judiciary. The bid rigging, felonies being committed, defrauding of taxpayers, the fixing of court cases, and the retaliation and abuse of citizens, colluding with the State Police, needs to end.

If you are not the ones to initiate a grand jury, please forward my request to the proper persons. There are a number of people on the inside and outside the system that could present evidence to help clean up the police, courts, and DCF.

It isn’t until the bad, law breaking judges, police, DCF, and others are indicted that the rest will understand that they have to obey laws, serve the public, earn their pay, and actually serve the best interest of the public.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson

I am posting this letter to you [here]

Post on Grand Juries [click here]

The need for Grand Juries, video:

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