Thursday, May 22, 2008

World Harming Banks?

World Bank responsible for infecting 3rd World w/ AIDS?

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Is the IDB, The Inter-American Development Bank, involved in schemes that enrich the world's elitists while harming the world populous?

[the IDB website]

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FBI Agents Raid Office of Special Counsel

The Wall Street Journal has reported that “more than a dozen” FBI agents served grand jury subpoenas this morning while searching the U.S. Office of Special Counsel and the home of Special Counsel Scott Bloch. According to the Journal, OSC employees say the raid is in connection with allegations of obstruction of justice by Bloch, who in 2006 used a computer service, Geeks on Call, to completely erase his work computer's hard drive. Bloch asked the company to eradicate his computer’s files as he was being investigated by the Office of Personnel Management Inspector General in connection with a complaint submitted by a group of anonymous OSC employees, GAP, the Project On Government Oversight, and Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility.

Last week, attorney Debra Katz, who represents the groups and the anonymous OSC employees, sent a comprehensive summary of Bloch’s abuses during his tenure to President Bush, and called on the President to use his authority to remove the Special Counsel “for cause.”

Click here to read Katz’ letter


U.S. District Court Decision Holds Development Bank Accountable to Contractors

GAP is applauding a recent decision by the U.S. Court for the District of Columbia holding that a consultant for the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC), the private investment arm of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), has the right to sue the IIC for breach of implied contract and unjust enrichment. The decision establishes that the IIC, and by implication, international organizations operating under similar charters in the Unites States, have waived immunity from lawsuits brought against them by external commercial contractors and consultants.

Click here for the press release


Asian Development Bank Audit Reveals Fraud in Afghanistan Projects

Today, GAP is drawing attention to a recent PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) audit of the Asian Development Bank’s work in Afghanistan, which indicates mismanagement, incompetence, deception of donors, and fraud. News of this audit comes at a time when the Bank is appealing to donors for additional contributions of $12 billion for projects and loans.

Click here to read GAP's full press release


World Bank Action “Too Little, Too Late” to Correct HIV Corruption; Bank Uses CDC in Cover-Up

After nearly one year’s delay, the World Bank announced last Thursday that it will further investigate disclosures involving the distribution of defective HIV/AIDS test kits, mass purchased as part of a health care project in India. GAP client Dr. Kunal Saha first informed the Bank’s Department of Institutional Integrity (INT) of the use of the faulty kits in a draft report in May 2007. In the ensuing months, various World Bank officials have attempted to conceal the facts about the case, discredit Dr. Saha in both the US and India, and use the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) to cover-up fraud. Statements made by World Bank officials to the media last week about this issue were grossly misleading.

Click here to read GAP's full press release

Dr. Kunal Saha
[video testimony Part 1 Washington DC May 15, 2008]

[video testimony Part 2 Washington DC May 15, 2008]


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