Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Painting Contract for Militant Lesbians

I painted for two Militant Lesbians in Western Massachusetts in the mid 1980’s. I could be a Militant Lesbian myself as I, too, dig women, don’t agree with the mainstream government line of crap, but I couldn’t be one of them, due to my having a penis. Prejudice sucks.

I passed off most of what they had to say, because I didn’t buy their whole Bible thing.

They had a copy of a Lesbian Bible, but I had no interest in reading it. There was peace, just women, somehow children spontaneously appeared, there peace and harmony was everywhere. Then the Sun went Supernova and humans had mutations called “Males”

They were a very violent race of mutants and they subjugated women and there was war and evil. There was no longer the Lesbian Garden of Eden. These silly women though they could train these brutes to be their slaves and serve them. Teaching them the arts was a waste of time, they used everything else to build weapons and wage war, keeping women as sex slaves.

So, because I didn’t buy into their religion I didn’t tap their wealth of knowledge. There simple observations that can be traced to proven, written down facts.

“Media” and “Marty” claimed to have previously lived in Arizona. The Arizona mental hospital system allegedly decided that Marty was mentally ill for being a Lesbian and cut three of her four frontal lobes. I told a Lobotomy is where surgeons go behind the eyes and fry all the frontal lobes, so some Lobotomy patients have black eyes after their brains get scrambled.

The Lesbians claim that they were persecuted by being labeled mentally ill, having their kids taken away, being forced out of their jobs, being beaten, put in prison on bogus charges, discredited, and ruined.

That was allegedly the Arizona 1970’s and previous eras, plan, for eradicating Lesbians. You could check your gun in at a bar, drink, but if you were a woman, don’t dare lick a certain something.

Connecticut treats Divorced Fathers and those that turn in official criminals like Arizona treated Militant Lesbians.

Prejudice really does suck.


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