Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Connecticut Cop Covert Squad to Ruin Big Mouthed Citizens

Protest Police Brutality or write a letter to the editor critical of Connecticut Cops and they’ll use taxpayer dollars to investigate you, arrest you, bring a bogus trial against you, and you will go to prison at taxpayer expense.

Political Prisoners do exist, I was one.

I wrote about Connecticut State Police being jackasses to their brethren the Connecticut Sheriff’s Department.

It was a pissing contest for political power and cash.

The Sheriffs were being followed around, harassed, and even arrested by the Connecticut State Police.

There was Connecticut State Police propaganda printed in the newspapers and aired on Connecticut News Broadcasts.

I was compelled to write my first letters to the editor and was printed on the same day in the Hartford Courant and the Manchester Journal Inquirer, the same letter to the editor was printed in both, a first, for my first, and was not a policy of either paper to reprint another’s printed letter to the editor. I was printed sometime in the late Summer of 1998 or 1999.

I got noticed, obviously.

Connecticut State Police immediately followed me around wherever I went, threatened me with arrest and worse if I didn’t leave Connecticut, and shut my Big Mouth.

Barbara Sattal, was assigned to take me down by Connecticut State Police brass. She was allegedly offered $10,000 to ruin me and make me lose my property. She is pictured below in this blog and obviously is still in the ruin citizens that complain about police, business.


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