Monday, August 28, 2006

Giving Credit where credit is due

Del Simmons the father and webmaster of allowed me to blog from the beginning of when blogging was a new phenomena, by giving me an account to blog on his website. So, here I am now.

Children in schools were told to ask bloggers questions of what they think regarding politicians for class assignments. It was before the tarnish inflicted by the corporate media regarding lurking pedophiles on the Internet. There might be a greater amount of pedophile priests just in Boston then there is in the World of the Internet on, but who is telling that news? was getting 5000 to 6000 hits a day during a large part of its history. The search engines for, “Connecticut State Police Misconduct”, “Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland”, Governor M. Jodi Rell, Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada, Leonard C. Boyle, Connecticut State Police Colonel Barry, Lieutenant Wack, Rockville Connecticut Judge Jonathan Kaplan, and so many others would have peace without being exposed for their crimes, had it not been for

Thank you, The Internet, where Al Gore is not the Father of the Internet.

Note: I am now hanging in a circle where Al Gore is thought of as “sexy”. I am thinking both “yucky” and where is my equal? Being a little on the Green side does have its benefits, but being a political activist there is no sex, damn it!


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