Sunday, August 20, 2006

Haiti is alleged to be bio-weapons effectiveness testing ground


The Stealth transmission of HIV is too slow if it were to be used as a bioweapon. Dried urine that has been bolstered with bugs can be spread anywhere, including on dessert sand. There are bugs that are best suited to spread stealth infections to a populace or army. Antibodies aren’t produced and a vast number of people can be rendered ineffectual, and the immune system is compromised to allow other infections to take hold masking the true source of the compromised immune system. Infecting populations and then studying treatments and testing for possible vaccines can be done on vast numbers of people that are considered genetically and racially inferior by a select group of war mongers and their corporate friends in their bid to rule the world with deceit and immorality. The problem is that these bush (not capitalized means not the US Prez) chemists and wannabe poison distributors aren’t the top of their classes and disseminate lies even among their own to best suit themselves and financial situations. Sleaze begot sleaze.

Some information is assumed and cannot be verified. Too much can be independently verified. Those that can teach and lead others to the information have to be very afraid if their numbers are small.

The smoking gun, a US ARMY .pdf click here

More information click here

The US allegedly sold the best stealth infection delivery systems to Saddam Hussein the then head of Iraq to be used to kill as many Iranians as was possible. Is something really starting to stink under your nose?

Lisa Masterson, a Lyme Activist in the UK, is the target of cover-up crime central Connecticut, The Department of Administrative Services (DAS) and the US Military Power Structure. There is hacking into of computers and the holding of political prisoners beyond the borders of the US to silence those that have the science and proof, independently verifiable, to the world. Click here for more on Lisa Masterson.

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