Wednesday, August 30, 2006

To Die in an American Prison is not Extraordinary

as it can happen to absolutely anyone at anytime.
Your life is one second away from completely going down the tubes. Officials can ruin you with a number of keystrokes on a computer.

State Officials, Especially Police, Judges, DCF, and Prison Guards can belong to a Liar’s Club.
Any citizen can be sent to the zoo. Prison and being sent to a Mental Hospital can be handed out like candy.

I spent 100’s thousands of dollars and years of my own sweat fixing up boarded up multifamily houses. A person would think that this behavior would be rewarded and criminal behavior such as prostitution, selling crack cocaine and heroin, fencing stolen goods, and being a lifetime common criminal parasite might be frowned upon.

Doing the math, you can understand the jobs and the collecting of undeclared taxes. If a system without checks and balances is allowed to fail beyond repair those individuals that educate other are in for a world of an American Twilight Zone.

Peter Coukos, a self admitted, bi-polar, crack smoking, prostitute seeing, alcoholic psychopath was allegedly offered a pistol permit by State Police Trooper Mulcahey and Stafford Officer Prochaska to harass my then 14 year old daughter and I out of Stafford Springs Connecticut.

There were police officers openly threatening me and soliciting those on probation to make false statements for an excuse to arrest me. I had alerted the public of the cop and court game in what I wrote in newspapers and tried to fix their screw the public game by proposing laws to elected officials.

Connecticut State Troopers told me I would be kicked out of the State and confined in a Prison before any events took place, what!!!???

Kristine Blake (click for story), a former worker for the Department of Mental Retardation had all sorts of false allegations and statements concocted to railroad her for being a whistleblower, they should have checked to see if she was actually in the country before making up all sorts of crap.

The only thing that saved her from getting arrested and then railroaded to prison after the ball had already been sent in motion was passport stamps saying she was out of the country at the time of the frame job. No liar or perjurer or police officer was even disciplined.

I was renting cars and hiding in my house for maybe years before they finally got me, there were too many failed attempts to count. I got jumped and beaten on my property. I pepper sprayed the police informant and Connecticut State Police Officers were ready to lie and refuse to take witness statements and complaints before the deal went down. I was told I “confessed’ in lock-up and that Sergeant was never investigated and two Connecticut State Troopers were never investigated for perjury as they said I had never asked to make a complaint regarding be attacked on my own property in the dark from behind.

Anyone that knows me I really can’t shut up, even to save my life.

That event police knew beforehand would happen, meant I was to be locked in prison, heavily fined, with the harshest, strictest conditions possible. A felon was given immunity for threatening my life, stalking me, and beating me, because self-defense is not legal in Connecticut, what!!!???

I was labeled a snitch by police and guards for my first day of prison. There was not enough room so I was placed near an entrance packed in like a sardine on a prison cafeteria floor and because I was near the entrance was woken up every 10 minutes or so and went for a long period of time, sleep deprived.

I was assaulted in prison.

I was punched from behind in the kidney and went down. I was carried back to my bunk by other inmates. I did not report the crime to guards as they enjoy inmate on inmate torture and assaults.

Two African American men that worked out regularly used to hands each to pin me against a wall and an inmate that had lost an eye in an armored car robbery pulled at my pants from behind with hand cream and a towel in his hand telling me what he was going to do to me. I asked him if he wanted to keep his remaining eye and my wrists were immediately released and I faced him directly.

No, I didn’t get raped, but could you survive this?

For having invested 100’s of thousands of dollars and years of my life, paying taxing, being an honest citizen mean that I should have to bend over for any prison guard to show him or her my anal orifice and place my ball sack to one side or the other, having to drop my pants anywhere at anytime for any prison official?

Threatening to sue for civil rights abuses or trying to get an official prosecuted might mean prison for ANYONE.

Being in Connecticut might mean that again lies will be told to send me to prison. You in your state are not safe either.

So it is not far fetched that I could die in prison and be guilty of no crimes.

Political Prisoners are being put in US prisons everyday at your expense.

Rules aren’t followed and there is no accountability.

And yes, I do blame Bush directly for a system that will do this to any American.

Go ahead, wave your flag now.

-Steven G. Erickson a.k.a. blogger Vikingas

Arthur L. Spada, former Connecticut State Police Commissioner, click for post post contains most of my story

What is prison really like?
click for post details of my confinement


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