Friday, October 27, 2006

Dear Mary Glassman,

Emailed this morning to the Democratic Candidate for Connecticut Lt. Governor in the upcoming election.

Ms. Glassman,

we have talked before in Lt. Governor Sullivan’s office. You know what is going on regarding corruption and the victims of abuse in Connecticut. Are you going to do anything to see those that have been retaliated against, were falsely arrested, falsely imprisoned, had their kids taken away or are beaten by police in retaliation, and those that have been harassed and stalked officially, and/or have criminal records, see that they are erased and the whistle blowers and others that were in the way of official racketeering, obstruction of justice, and Official Mafia-like operations finally start getting justice in Connecticut?

Governor Rell knows about the corruption and in my best belief and knowledge she is part of that and the retaliation against those that want it stopped. Didn’t Bill Curry expose Rell for going after officials that found a member of her family breaking the law? It is about profiteering and racketeering.

When are the Democrats in Connecticut going to show some guts and start doing something for the people, not just business as usual, which is corruption, racketeering, and obstruction of justice?

Why didn’t Chief State’s Attorney Christopher Morano do anything about the illegal behavior regarding election law breakage out of Rell’s office. Why are all you quiet?

It has come to my attention that police officers that try to investigate Mafia affiliated drug dealers and other criminals can face retaliation of other officers, DCF, the courts, and police operatives. Their children, families, and their jobs become under attack. DCF are the alleged buffers for enforcing drug turf for dealers. Connected individuals are the only ones allowed to own key property and businesses. Rell appoints judges with no experience or qualifications and the legislature approves them

Kristine Blake [click for post] is a perfect example of how Connecticut works.

Why is it when a White cop shoots a minority a Connecticut Judge allows a Connecticut prosecutor to botch the case the racist killer skates on appeal? Why do police officer and others get away with official, police, judicial, prosecutorial, and attorney misconduct across the board unless they break ranks with an absolutely corrupt system in Connecticut?

How come Kristine Regaglia the former head of DCF took the same bribes and freebies Rowland did and state authorities and Connecticut Feds protect her? How come she was found out to have committed fraud, leaves DCF, and then heads fraud investigation in Connecticut? What does that say about ethics in Connecticut Government?

With the Chief Justice Sullivan fiasco, is the Judicial Branch and all court cases now suspect? Should there not be an investigation into righting wrongs and identifying and helping the victims? Shouldn’t cases involving illegal proceedings and improper procedures be thrown out? Should Jim Crow laws, that are official policy, but that are no longer actually on the books be ceased and desisted?

Shouldn’t Chief Justice Sullivan be arrested and shouldn’t there be a hearing about what is to be done, BEFORE the election?

There is major corporate fraud, racism, and so much more public abuse and Federal Taxpayers being defrauded.

Are you going to do something, or are you part of the problem?

Please step up to the job, and do something. Silence signifies acceptance.

I am posting this email to you, here [click], on the internet

Speaking out about Connecticut Official Corruption took me out of my Classic Corvette (pictured in post) to junky old wrecks (also pictured), click here

Complaining about Crack Cocaine and Heroin
being sold off my front yard and near my Stafford Springs, Connecticut, rental properties caused me to lose these fine pets and much more, click here for pictures and post.

* * * *

Excerpt Regarding M. Jodi Rell:

CCR: If he is impeached or resigns, what is the provision in Connecticut law foran emergency election?

CURRY: There isn't one. It's one of the questions I've raised with people in the last few weeks.

As in most states, the Lt. Governor takes over.

I think that's amistake.

I think we designed the offices of vice president and Lt. Governor with an eye to the death or incapacity of the President or Governor.

I believe that when a chief executive is marched out of office for impeachable offenses, we should have an election to fill the remainder of the term. The idea that a member of Rowland's posse simply follows in Rowland's footsteps is a bad one.

CCR: Has the Lt. Governor, Jodi Rell, been implicated?

CURRY: When her son was found by state environmental officers to be running a stolen property ring out of her basement for Skidoos, the environmental officers who made the arrests had their careers threatened.

They suffered until it hit the press and then the administration backed off. Shedenied any involvement in the retaliation.

Again, Connecticut's extraordinary unwillingness to investigate the apparent corruption of its own elected officials saved her from further public embarrassment. In any event, she has been a happy, willing partner and an insider in the Rowland administration for nine years.

Click here for complete post of above excerpt.

* * * *

Connecticut's Steal Your Property, Wreck Your Life, Mafia, click here for post


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glassman, Fedele square off

By Keith M. Phaneuf, Journal Inquirer

The major-party candidates for lieutenant governor sparred over jobs, transportation, health care, and ethics Friday during a debate broadcast live on Connecticut Public Radio.

Democrat Mary A. Glassman and Republican Michael Fedele, who met at CPR studios in Hartford, also clashed over who has the best background to lead the state, should either some day become governor.

Connecticut is recognized as one of the wealthiest states in the nation. But Glassman, who is running alongside New Haven Mayor John DeStefano Jr., said that "as I've traveled across the state, I've seen a different Connecticut."

It's a state where over 70,000 children lack health coverage, highways are clogged, open space is vanishing, and job growth is so slow that Connecticut loses college graduates in greater numbers than any other state except Alaska, she said.

Fedele responded that his partner, Gov. M. Jodi Rell, has committed more than $3.6 billion to rebuild the transportation network, the largest expenditure in more than two decades.

Connecticut's corporate tax structure is "not the most favorable" for job growth, Fedele said, adding that Rell has begun taking the steps to reverse that. The governor won legislative approval for new tax breaks for firms that expand their businesses, especially those that hire laid-off workers.

"We need to work to make sure Connecticut is a business-friendly state," he said.

Fedele praised Rell for leading the Democrat-controlled legislature into adopting strict campaign finance laws hailed by many as the toughest in the nation at weeding out special-interest influence.

The administration also would have secured new contracting rules in statute except Democrats tried to stack the deck in favor of a special interest, Fedele said. Specifically, Rell vetoed bills that would have made it too hard to save money by privatizing certain services, he said, adding state employee unions "wanted all of the gravy in those bills."

Glassman responded that those vetoes were just example of how "Governor Rell has set her own standard, then broken it. We've seen that repeatedly."

Glassman and DeStefano have charged repeatedly that while Rell says her campaign won't accept contributions from state contractors or lobbyists, contributions from these groups keep slipping into her campaign coffers.

In addition, Rell did not fire her chief of staff, M. Lisa Moody of Vernon, Glassman said, even though Moody gave department heads tickets to distribute to a Rell campaign fundraiser last year. State law bars department heads from soliciting contributions and 16 of Rell's commissioners and deputy commissioners were found to have broken that law, and fined $500 each.

Glassman, a former Simsbury first selectwoman who more recently has served as counsel to the House speaker, the Senate president pro tem, and as chief of staff to Lt. Gov. Kevin B. Sullivan, said she has a resume her opponent can't match.

Rell had been lieutenant governor for 9½ years until her first running mate, Gov. John G. Rowland, resigned amid a bid-rigging scandal that led to his resignation and 10 months in federal prison.

Glassman said that if circumstances someday placed her in the governor's office, as they did Rell, "I will not be a ribbon-cutting governor. ... I would be a strong advocate for people who don't have a voice in Connecticut" such as children without health care or pre-school services, or workers left without jobs due to layoffs.

Fedele, who served 10 years in the General Assembly from 1993 through 2002 and who now operates his own computer services business in Stamford, said he understands the needs of families and businesses as well as the challenge of getting things accomplished in government.

"Governor Rell and I plan on working as partners," he said, adding he made that clear to Rell when she approached him about the job. "I said, 'Governor, I'm not here to cut ribbons. I'm not here to push pencils.'"

Sat Oct 28, 10:56:00 AM 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is David Ismail and I currently live at 7 Orchard Terrace in Naugatuck. I'm writing you this letter for help and protection! I moved into my home around mid february with my mother and started to notice strange and unusual activity as time went on. I have been researching online for the past 3 months about what has been going and being done to me in my neighborhood and I've been being "GANG STALKED". People in my neighborhood chanting "MIND FUCK" and using a mind reading device/machine to record and hear my thoughts in voice recording. I'm in constant harrassment 24/7 to the point where there is no more such thing as privacy, even as im typing this they are commenting and reading everything. An argument w/ a neighbor 2 houses down in exchange of words from house to house started the whole thing, and now I'm being followed everywhere I go from work, to the store, friends houses etc. The persons involved bugged my cars and my home, and had cameras in my home since before I moved in for their own "ENTERTAINMENT" The GANG STALKERS possibly 2 houses down have been watching,hearing and commenting on my every move/thought. Possible names are Joe,Ed or Ted,Tony,Maurine,Mary etc. Constant threats of harrassment everyday from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep, PRIVACY IS ALL GONE!. The neighbors constantly chanting "MIND FUCK". They follow and stalk me everywhere I go and mock and torment me to the point where i couldn't function at all at work anymore.Their using a mind reading device called MKULTRA, I'm a victim of a mind tortue hate crime. This is a mobb group of gang stalkers are using MKULTRA to record my thoughts and put into voice audio to pile up doctured evidence against my will to use against me in a court of law because "I know too much" They are spreading lies to neighbors etc trying to make myself schizophrenic,mentally ill, institutionalized, or to just ruin my life. I have no idea why this is being done to me and Im an innocent victim of this phsycotic mental torture. Everyday all day constant threats of harassment, physical violence, threats of death, hearing the neighbors repeatedly saying the same things over and over to harass me and try to drive me insane. They might have a policeman involved thats why im writing you this letter, im a Targeted Individual ( known as TI) these people are spreading lies. They use law enforcement to "set up" victims of this assault hoping law enforcement will believe their lies and ignore the victim when they report this psychotic crime. They have been using a lawyer and private investigators to congere up fabrications. They are performing " Street Theatre" in which wherever i walk in the neighborhood im being constantly harassed and cursed at to the point where their hoping I'll have a anxiety or heart attack. I have recorded audio on my phone with these threats and chants that I incur everyday. I'm asking you to look into this for protection and safety.

Sat Oct 29, 04:18:00 AM 2011  

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