Monday, November 27, 2006

The costs in misery when Judges are Sociopaths

Judge Jonathan Kaplan, Rockville Connecticut Superior Court

I tried to have Kaplan removed for bias against the self-employed, contactors, and landlords.

Judge Jonathan Kaplan takes pleasure in the misery of others, it is obvious on his face. He likes to break up families and to be as malicious and down as dirty as he can. He is known as a complete prick that will retaliate to the end of the earth once angered. Almost no lawyer would even dare make a complaint or talk on the record of what an absolute scumbag Kaplan is .

I was very open about it as I thought he was a disgusting piece of shit in civil court. I openly tried to have him removed and would openly show how disgusted with him I was. I wrote him a letter after the Haas vs. Erickson saying how disgusted I was with him. Kaplan was openly juvenile to me.

He then did me in as I went to prison for being a mugging victim on my own property.

I owned 3 houses and was going to retire early. I have worked little in the last 5 years as I am considered too violent to load boxes on trucks. Click on the image below for larger image. It is part of 9 pages, the last page. I used to have great credit and no criminal record. Connecticut State Trooper Langlois and Amaral committed perjury saying I never made the request to make a complaint after I was jumped on my own property.


You are losing out. I have lost out. The economy has lost out. My family continues to suffer. Judges, prosecutors, and police should not be above the law, neither should the President or anyone else. Until they face arrests and prison for wrongdoing, things will only get worse.


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