Monday, January 29, 2007

“Insider” Larry A. Silverstein’s 9-11 Insurance Fraud?

Silverstein acquires the lease for the World Trade Center towers for $15,000 in the Spring of 2001. It was formerly under Port Authority Government control, which is suspicious in itself. Silverstein acquired “special” insurance coverage that the towers be insured for acts of terrorism with large policy limits. Silverstein successfully fought in a typical US rigged court and got the insurance companies to pay double the policy limits, because the loss of each tower was due to a “separate” loss, when there was only ONE terrorist act. WTC-7 contained nationwide amounts of “insider” trading and corporate scam investigation evidence for a massive amount of “insiders” to go down in probably the largest number of Organized Corporate White Collar Criminals ever to face arrests, trials, and mass imprisonment. The “Terrorist Attack” created a virtual news “Blackout”. Silverstein collected $7,000,000,000 on a $15,000,000 [click here for YouTube video] investment. How much did the other “connected” insiders make on their scams and where is this fraud really headed?

Loss of “White Control” of the US would be devastating for the Organized Worldwide Corporate Criminals. The percentages of ethnic concentrations is the Death Knell to the White Control. The policies to deny driver’s licenses, gun permits, the vote (labeling poorer whites and minorities as felons to deny the vote), limiting public transportation, and the isolating of “undesirable” populations in downtown “ghettos” can only stem the tide so long in the US. A new “fix” is in the works.

After Hurricane Katrina, possibly exclusively Caucasian “Special Police” were assigned sniper duties. They were dropped on the tops of buildings by helicopters during the news black out. National Guard Units, with large minority members, were pulled back and assigned duties that included confiscating ANY video tapes, digital photos, and any news reporters’ notes and materials in “the zone”. Chinook Helicopters used for heavy lifting dropped “refers”, which are tractor trailers equipped with diesel or gasoline refrigerators into “the zone”. Those being taken out in the covert genocide were placed in the “very abundant” body bags and frozen to keep down the smell and gore. The “refers” allegedly were flown over the ocean and dropped in to cover the dirty little “mini-genocide”. The “testing ground” would be used to figure out a more efficient “process”.

[Click Here and scroll down for video] of an almost exclusively Caucasian State Police Force, the marching, black and white clips morphed in with the color, and the yelling of “Hail, Hail!” is reminiscent of what? Complain to the Governor of that State in a letter about police, and you will be put on the State Police “Enemies List” and you will face arrest and imprisonment for getting in their way.

The BBC has been exposing new “Crowd Control” weapons being developed by Israel and the USA.

There is use of microwaves and other frequency transmissions, concentrated to disable vehicles, electronic equipment including cameras, and all systems related to sustaining a community such as phone, water, electricity, communications, medical, local government, Internet, and media. The transmissions in lower doses can cause a massive burning sensation all over one’s body causing temporary to possibly permanent blindness, for “humane” “crowd control”. Higher doses will cause victims to “Sizzle and Pop” like they are in a microwave oven, which they are, a huge open air, non-enclosed version. The satellite dish looking devices can be mounted on top of just about any military vehicle, or truck, and below helicopters. Those caught out in the open and with higher doses, anywhere, can’t get away.

Bodies could be scooped up, placed in standard international shipping containers, welded shut when filled to capacity with bodies of the “inconvenient”, and either dumped out in the deep open water of the ocean, or sunk “accidentally” aboard a container ship that could contain possibly millions of victims. Denial would be easy. This process is a lot cleaner and more covert than camps and cooking the victims individually in ovens. Genocide and ridding a population of the “mentally” inferior first met assembly line efficiency in the 1800's, early 1900's US. With Martial Law being declared, Bush could be the new “White Race King of the World”, no need for a “fixed” US election in 2008.

-Steven G. Erickson aka blogger Vikingas and "The Stark Raving Viking"

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