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La Cosa Nostra, The Positive Side

"Cosa Nostra" : The Positive side.
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Mon, Jan 8 2007 4:17 pm
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"Cosa Nostra" : The Positive side.

The "Cosa Nostra' is often wrongly portrayed as organized crime in
American history. It was in fact a reference to the immigrant people
having their own justice system to protect themselves from the
corruption within the system. These immigrants, these Italian
immigrants were often preyed upon by the system, and by other Italian
criminals, and so they set up their "own thing", La Cosa Nostra.

Well like anything, it can be corrupted, and so it may have over time,
but the original intentions of it were to protect people, with law,
order and compasssion. The black hand was the real criminal element,
and "Mafia' was from the tern mafioso, who was a rich, powerful
individual who commanded attention and respect. Like anything, terms
and ideas are corrupted.

+ + + + + + + +

Well here is an insight, from a police offficer in todays paper:
Police Officer - Ordeal I Won't Forget, January 8th, 2007

"I can say with great pleasure and pride, that I have served this
community well with dignity, respect and equality when dealing in all
aspects of the law.

As a constable, I've always thought that treating all persons as
equals was a quality that mattered in performing my job as a police
officer to the best of my ability.

Approximately 10 years ago (1996) I quickly discovered that there was
an implied two tiers of the justice system - one for the common folk
and another for those persons of "prominence" who actually thought
they were above the law, due to their position of power or stature
within society, or social club they belonged to.

Since 1996, my family and I have endured a tremendous amount of stress,
sleepless nights and intended public humiliation at the hands of this
controlling second tier of society and their "connections," to
ensure this policeman "gets what he deserves" for stepping out of
line. (In reality, meaning telling the truth, not hiding the truth)

For more than 15 years, I've had to bite my tongue, turn the other
cheek as the inconsistencies, unethical actionPs and corrupt practices
of this second tier society ate away at me, nearly destroying my ideas
of what a police officer should be, act like and do with the powers
vested in him.

On Oct. 11, 2006, I resigned/retired from the Police Force.
Financially, it has been a challenge, however now my family and I are
released from the clutches of the so-called prominent and their
corrupters. Our lives have been enriched greatly by being a complete
family again.

My family, friends and society alike know I spoke the truth 10 years
ago, and also know that these past three years have been retaliation
only, and nothing else, with the sole purpose to destroy my reputation
as an honest, loyal, fair and respectable person. I guess in some way
it will enable the corrupters to simply dismiss my facts as fiction, in
the event their indiscretions ever became public via a book or

I am not a bad or "disgraced" officer as the paper has described me
in the past. I am very proud that I have not become part of the
"system," and that I have not lost my empathy, respect and love for
life and this community. I will continue to serve this community as I
have for over 24 years with the same qualities that I believe in and
teach my children - honesty, tell the truth, work hard and be proud."

ex-policeman Jan 8, 2007, 00:57

+ + + + + + + + + +

(this following complaints that some high level people were engaged in
prostitution, and the only person convicted was the son of a former
preacher, the then crown attorney)

So you see, time has not changed the situation as much, although some
60 years ago, I doubt it very much that the Chicago Sun would have
printed this..

Truth can lie, when it is part of the truth....!!

Caesar J. B. Squitti


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