Saturday, February 24, 2007

Connecticut Courts "All Mobbed Up"

I have looked at documents and interviewed witnesses regarding a number of stories of abuse in the courts down in Fairfield County in Connecticut.

It is one of the most well to do areas in the US and is Old Money and is a Power Base.

A mother of children may have spent over a million dollars on lawyers that did nothing to help her in her custody case. In other words they ripped her off.

The husband has more money and mob connections. He is allegedly a bi-sexual that likes bondage sex with other men and taking a beating. I have heard from more than one source.

The children each have large trust funds. If the children are locked away in boarding schools and kept psychologically tortured, they are under control of a father that wants to live off the blood of others while enjoying his bondage and torture sex sessions. This man allegedly had mob thugs drug his wife at a restaurant, take her across state lines, to torture and rape her for a videotape her for some sicko's viewing pleasure.

There is a nurse in the Ellington area of Connecticut that stabbed her husband and got custody of the kids. There is influence peddling, retaliation, and Mafia and Organized Crime influence on the court.

Lawyers are legislators and judges, prosecutors, police, and attorneys all police each other.

Connecticut isn't even safe to drive through unless you are in with Organized Crime, a Corrupt Politician, or are just a suburbanite working a corporate job living a vanilla ice cream life.

Judges, Police, Prosecutors, and Attorneys should not be above the law.

Maybe there will be names and videos to go with this post at a later date.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are talking about Margaret Briggs formerly Mrs. Brooks aren't you Steven? You were smart not to tap Peggy. Will you be smart enough to stay away?

Mon Mar 12, 11:41:00 PM 2007  

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