Tuesday, April 17, 2007

'Coordinates' The curious case of Jonathan James Jordan, MIA

Text with YouTube Video:
(The Trailer, Script and Budget is for sale. mrallums@comcast.net) Only in conspiracy books mouths, of radicals, myths and urban legends will you find the story of a man who was done wrong. He was a father, a scientist, a military man and an astronaut. He was Lieutenant Jonathan James Jordan, a proud man who loved his country and disappeared serving it decades ago, for so history claims. For it is told, on a colds winters day in November of 1998, Jonathan James Jordan came back; with no anger, mistrust or lust for revenge but with a calm demeanor centered on helping a world that had forgotten him.
The story begins in the early part of 1961. The space race is hitting full stride and America is losing in it's efforts to be the first country to put a man into space. In a desperate move, they come up with an ambitious plan; not to send a man up into space, but in space. This very unusual journey was based on two of Einstein's most interesting theories, "Relativity and "Unified Field". Theories that encompass many unorthodox ideas, including the transporting of objects and people in ways never thought to be plausible. A way of going from point A to point B with out using standard forms of combustion but a totally new way of transport. A theory made famous to most Americans in the film "Philadelphia Experiment" in which a ship disappears and reappears somewhere else, moments later. For the endeavor, they needed a man who is brilliant, loyal, dedicated yet dispensable; Jonathan James Jordan fit the bill perfectly. This brilliant yet cocky 21 year old receives a hero's send off including a parade, lavish dinner and a phone call from the president. One problem, it's all staged and the only truth involved is in everyone's goodbye, for Jonathan James Jordan won't be coming back anytime soon. Although the "Philadelphia Experiment" had limited success in the 40's, it was enough to convince the brass to attempt it in space, thus the need for a guinea pig, Jonathan James Jordan was to become the first man "in space".
Jonathan James Jordan did not return that day, and the myth of what happened to him has endured. On that cold winters day in November, Mr. Jordan was arrested then quickly taken to a special assembly meeting of congress where he gave a warning about the future and one whale of a story of what happened to him all these years. So ends the story of Jonathan James Jordan, who mysteriously disappeared again only 6 days after his return, as did the story. Jonathan James Jordan was a father, soldier, scientist and an astronaut who returned to save a world, friends and family, all who have again, forgotten him.

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