Saturday, September 08, 2007

Martian Cities?

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In case any of you have forgotten, this THEMIS Cydonia "city pattern" is a virtual twin for the discovery made by a similar "thermal IR scanner" aboard Russia's Phobos 2 spacecraft in 1989. A side by side comparison (above) clearly demonstrates that "Cydonia City" is NOT an isolated settlement, but rather part of what appears to be a planet wide, far-reaching civilization ...

There can be no middle ground here. Architects and engineers will instantly recognize the form, fit and function of their craft in the objects scattered all throughout the THEMIS image. And even more, some of the features can be seen, just barely covered over, in the Odyssey visible light image … and even on the original Viking data. How "noise" could occupy the same area and location on images taken 25 years apart, by completely different instruments, and on completely different spacecraft … is going to be a tough hurdle for the usual suspects to clear. In addition, the MOLA data confirms that a great deal of Cydonia exists below the visible surface (why didn’t the MOLA scientists back at Goddard catch this years ago …?) -- precisely in the "basin" occupied by our frozen City.

The laser can't lie.

So Keith's version of the IR image -- the only one which is consistent with all the other observations -- must be the closest thing to the "real" data returned by the THEMIS instrument we have now in the public view (again, all this will be covered in even more detail in Richard's document).

But there is one final point.

We are pretty sure at this point that the "official" version has a visible light image layered over the top of the degraded multi-spectral THEMIS image. We don't have proof positive yet, but we are working on that. However, there are a couple of issues that fall out of that critical assumption.

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