Saturday, October 13, 2007

New Hampshire warns residents not to travel into Connecticut as the Constitution does not apply

Travel Warning
Republic of New Hampshire
Department of Justice
Keene, NH 03431

This information verified current as of today, Thu Oct 26 2006 19:08:57 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time).

October 26, 2006

This Travel Warning for the State of Connecticut provides a partial description of a security
situation facing New Hampshire citizens. It notes that citizens of New Hampshire have faced
oppression in the State of Connecticut and advises citizens of New Hampshire to evaluate
their security situation and consider departing.

The Republic of New Hampshire continues to warn residents against travel to Connecticut in
light of recent unrest following the unwarranted, illegal detainment of New Hampshire resident
Lauren Canario in the Fort Trumbull neighborhood of New London, where several New
Hampshire expatriates are known to reside. Canario was arrested for peacefully reading a
book on a piece of property in defiance of Connecticut's attempt to seize said land. All
attempts at resolution of this matter have resulted in extreme brutality against Canario and
others. Canario is currently being held indefinitely in inhumane conditions at a Connecticut
detention facility.

The unrest is exacerbated by known rampant corruption within the New London Police
Department, the Police Department of the State of Connecticut, and the government of the
State of Connecticut in general. This corruption is known to exist at all levels: Executive,
Legislative, and especially judicial. Residents should at all costs avoid relying on government
agencies in Connecticut to resolve their issues. Government agencies in Connecticut are
known to seize property from those in distress.

There is little hope for a resolution to the current crisis. Connecticut is known to hold
prisoners indefinitely, and New Hampshire is unable to assist New Hampshire residents who
have been so detained. The Republic of New Hampshire has received confirmed reports of
inhumane conditions existing in Connecticut prisons, including the use of vicious attack dogs
to force submission, the shackling of prisoners who are in their cells, the use of extreme cold
to punish prisoners, the unremitting use of bright lights at all hours, and denial of basic human

New Hampshire residents traveling through Connecticut should be aware that the Bill of
Rights exists in a state of de facto suspension in Connecticut. Residents cannot expect that
they enjoy any rights in Connecticut.

New Hampshire residents should exercise extreme caution if the situation necessitates travel
through Connecticut. Granite-staters who travel to or remain in Connecticut despite this
Travel Warning are strongly urged to avoid interaction with government forces in Connecticut,
as these government forces and agencies are the major cause of the unrest in the State.

Regular updates on the security disturbance in Connecticut will be provided on this website,
and on the website at Up-to-date information on safety and
security is available at 603-209-7703 24 hours a day.

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