Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Connecticut Sheriff Scandal Cover-up

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If you look for discrepancies and know a little about the inside workings of a patronage system of government and of courts, you'll understand the below and clicking on and examining each of the below documents.

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Does Official Connecticut cover up its own public corruption by falsely arresting, imprisoning, and using conspiring doctors to medicate whistle blowers so they can be locked up in mental institutions? Well, the case of Anne Kristine Blake might prove that is the the unofficial policy. [click here for more]

A former Ms. Green told me 7-7-2007 that a "connected" family had there 24o lb, tall, and out of control violent daughter in a group home risking the lives and safety of staff and clients of the DMR. The client should have been in a more secure facility after assaulting other clients and staff. Ms. Green probably has a new last name because she married another DMR high ranking employee after they went to a physical holds and restraining class and teamed up with each other in the class to put holds on each other, and they seem to have liked it ...

So, according to former Ms. Green and her husband exposing abuses, taxpayer defrauding, retaliation, nepotism, the state of fear in the DMR (Connecticut Department of Mental Retardation), the falsifying of reports, and the blanket disregard for rules, procedure, and laws could mean being fired, losing one's pension, and even ending up under arrest and in prison. Ms. Green told me that is how all 3 branches and all official Connecticut departments operate.



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